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Renewable energy comes with many advantages and benefits, both in the long run and immediately after installation. By using microgrids, the benefits increase incredibly. Microgrids are becoming more and more popular across the nation and they use of microgrids has even increased astronomically in the last few years. With the rise of renewable energy—which tends to be more reliable than other forms of energy—microgrid projects have also experienced a rise.

But what, exactly, are the advantages of using microgrid technology? What are microgrid projects? How are they used with renewable energy? For the most part, people tend to be confused about microgrids—and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be! Microgrid technology, in terms of energy resources, isn’t talked about a ton when talking about renewable energy, as many people tend to just think of rooftop solar panels when thinking of renewable energy. However, microgrids are really a great asset to have involved with renewable energy storage, as it’s beneficial to all households and communities that use or are involved in it. You could say that it is one of the more reliable, cost-effective, and self-sufficient forms of energy resources out there.

With that said, here are the main things you need to know about microgrids, energy storage and all of their amazing advantages.

What Are Microgrids?

Microgrids are electric grids that represent a more localized group or community, such as communities and even campuses. By disconnecting itself from the larger grid, a grid that can have many problems, the microgrid becomes much more flexible in its operations and by continuing to power households and communities alike.

Microgrids are really great when there is an emergency. In fact, there are actually a lot of microgrids that are only used in case of an emergency and act as a backup to the main electrical grid. Places like hospitals that always need a backup generator in case of a grid blackout have their own microgrid that they can use until the main grid’s problem becomes fixed.

Advantages of Using Renewable Energy with Microgrids

Renewable energy microgrids have increased greatly in the last few years and now there are many across the nation. Now that you know the basic information about microgrids, it’s time to talk about the great benefits using renewable energy with microgrids can bring.

Increasing Reliability

One of the most important—and greatest—features that microgrids have is their reliability. As we stated above, places like hospitals are naturally attached to microgrids so that they always have a backup, just in case there is a power outage or a natural disaster that cuts off their power from their main grid.


Power outages are never fun. In all honesty, they’re the worst. They’re stressful, annoying, and sometimes even scary. Microgrids take away all this pent up anger immediately.

After the last few years of horrible natural disasters, of varying kinds and in varying places across the nation, it is only too real to be prepared for the worst. You never want something like the climate or the weather to be responsible for a power outage. Again, microgrids supply communities with a backup in case the main grid goes down. Therefore, it would be even harder for an extreme circumstance to bring about a power outage.

Increasing and Improving Local Energy Distribution

For the most part, a lot of microgrids are developed and planned in order to find how local energy is going to best be delivered to the community and those affected by the microgrid. Organization is key and this is normally done by whoever is in charge of developing the plan, which could be someone in the city or town administration or a community energy or solar group. Through this organization and studious planning, locations will be identified that are the best at improving and increasing the local energy distribution.


Through the increase of participation within the local community, benefits related to the economy and environment are increased as well.

Saving Money

As many people probably know, anyone who decides to switch to anything related to renewable energy begins to save money from installation and for as long as they have their solar-powered system. By using a microgrid that is much more local than a mainframe grid, it is easy to save money and energy generation through the distance that the energy has to travel. Without microgrids, energy is wasted traveling to the area it needs to be. With the microgrids, energy no longer needs to be wasted to get where it needs to go.


There tends to be a lot of power outages in America, as we talked about above. However, not only are power outages annoying and harmful—they also cost a lot of money for the country as a whole. Instead of wasting the money needed to fix power outages, money will be saved in the long run because of the reliable microgrid.

Provides Clean, Efficient Energy

Probably the most important part of using microgrids is the renewable energy that comes with it. Renewable, solar energy is clean, efficient, and low-cost. This benefits everyone, from large communities to individual business owners or homeowners. Even if people aren’t serious about clean energy (which they really should be, honestly), we know the low cost will definitely make them stop in their tracks. This is a great benefit to microgrids—and possibly the most important.


The microgrid market can offer many advantages and benefits to towns, communities, businesses, and homeowners as a whole. Not only is it a great way to provide clean and efficient energy, but it is also cost efficient and a great alternative to main grids that can have horrible power outages that leave many households in the dark.

With natural disasters and climate change become seemingly more and more unavoidable, it’s always important to have a backup—and microgrids offer the reliability in an everyday purpose that mainframe electrical grids just don’t seem to be able to offer. As people begin to see that renewable energy is worth the time and effort, especially to keep our environment clean and green, they are beginning to see how advantageous microgrids can be. Whether it’s providing electricity and a smaller grid to a whole town or a small neighborhood, microgrids have the potential to be utilized efficiently to outstanding results. More and more people are waking up to the microgrid market and realizing the potential of this great energy resource.