Solar energy is most definitely not a new thing, but it is becoming more and more popular due to the ever-increasing energy rates. Along with solar energy, wind and hydro power energy are among the most common forms of alternative and sustainable energy sources. As well as being a more eco-friendly solution, solar power has many other advantages some of which we will explain in this article. So, what are the advantages of solar power? Read on to find out more.

What Is Solar Energy?

Though there are a few disadvantages of solar energy, they are heavily outweighed by the positives. Solar energy is essentially energy that is garnered from the sun. It is consistently created and stored which makes it a renewable energy. Solar energy can be used directly to heat homes and water or with the technology of solar panels it can be converted to electricity instead of taking it from the grid. A common concern for solar energy is its efficiency during the winter months, especially in areas that experience a lot of overcast days and rain but rest assured solar energy can provide more than enough power with very little sunlight. It’s been successfully serving homes throughout the year for a long time. As is stands, the future of our current non-renewable energy sources is uncertain and as the year’s pass prices continue to rise. Due to this, solar energy is set to grow and already there is a high demand for it around the world.

Save On Electricity Bills 

Utility bills are constantly rising which is a concern among the majority of the population. By incorporating solar power into your household, you could cut up to 20% of your average energy costs from the grid—and that’s after the inclusion of the financing amount. With energy prices predicted to increase further solar energy could help you to save up to $60,000 over the next 30 years.

Easy Setup Easy Maintenance

You’ve probably noticed that solar panels are installed on rooftops which means that no additional space is required. They also do not need any cords or wires and, of course, no power supply is required. All of this means that the installation process is very simple and surprisingly a laborious installation procedure is not needed. Initially, the number one reason people decide against things like solar panels is the price of them. While it may seem like a lot of money, financing plans are available and the money you can save every year is in the thousands. Once they are up and running solar panels require very little maintenance. Depending on the climate of where you live, they may even just need a quick wash every now and then but, other than that, nothing more is needed. Should any manufacturing issues arise, then trained professionals will be on hand to fix them.

Kinder to the Environment – Eco-Friendly

Kinder to the Environment – Eco-Friendly

Unfortunately, our carbon footprint continues to grow, but with the recent happenings around the world, people are starting to realize that our way of living needs to change. There’s no better way to start being more eco-conscious than by using solar energy. Solar energy is extremely clean and non-polluting, which means your home can become completely free of carbon dioxide. It is an alternative to non-renewable resources and helps to reduce your carbon footprint immensely and slow down global warming. If solar panels are installed, you do not need to worry about any radioactive waste or toxic substances being released and they do not require fuel in order to function properly. Solar power systems make practically no noise and so you won’t be able to hear them whether your inside or outside.

Increase Property Prices

One of the lesser-known solar power advantages is that it affects the value of your home. Although many people spend a lot of time debating whether or not to get solar technology as their main source of energy due to the initial cost (which is pretty much the only real disadvantage of solar energy),it can actually positively impact property prices. This is especially true in areas that are highly populated and concerns for the environment are taken seriously. It doesn’t just increase prices by a small amount, either. According to recent research, solar panels can boost property prices by up to $20,000. If you take into account how much it costs to get them installed, along with the money saved over the years and the price increase, it is safe to say that solar panels are definitely worth the investment.

Remote Efficiency

Solar panels continue to work as long as they receive sunlight. For this reason, properties located in remote areas thrive on solar panels. It’s widely known that rural properties struggle to connect to power lines and if there are none already based in the area, it can also be very expensive. With solar energy, its more cost efficient and you don’t have to rely on any unreliable providers or arrange to get new power lines installed. Also, in the event of bad weather, there is no waiting around for workmen to repair damaged lines—so power cuts are a thing of the past!

Tax Credits and Government Schemes

As a way to show their support for taking better care of the environment and to encourage people to use solar energy whenever possible, the government has certain benefits and schemes in place. One of those benefits is tax credits that can cover around 30% of the installation cost. Many states will even extend the tax credit benefit for homeowners that use solar energy. Depending on where you are located, the state in which you live may permit you to invest in solar panels on other people’s roofs so that more solar energy can be created. A slightly lesser-known benefit of solar panels is that if they generate a substantial amount of energy, then certain utility companies will buy it back from you. So, when you look at it in that respect, you get even more out of your solar panels than you originally thought.

No matter what form of solar power you use, each and every one of them has their own benefits. While solar panels are the most common form of solar energy, many people are unaware that solar water heaters do not need solar panels and are much cheaper. There are many ways to incorporate solar energy into your household, and it doesn’t necessarily need to reach as far as installing solar panels. Whichever option you, choose it will undoubtedly prove to be more cost-effective and efficient.