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As technology progresses and more and more people begin to realize the many benefits of solar energy and solar energy systems, we are seeing a mass wave of interest on a big scale. While people begin to convert their homes into clean and efficient forms of energy to heat their homes or use lighting for free, more and more people worldwide are beginning to do the same to a much larger extent.

That’s where solar power plants come into focus. These large-scale solar power plants are massive. There’s no other word for it. And they’re all over the world.

Through changes in the world, more and more people are learning that solar energy systems, along with other renewable energy resources like wind power are important. And, through these little changes, and the massive solar plants that are beginning to pop up here and there, we are seeing what solar energy can do on a big scale. Here are just a few of our favorite examples of why solar energy is ideal—as long as the sun keeps shining.

The economy & solar energy

Believe it or not, solar jobs have increased steadily (and sometimes incredibly fast) in the last five years due to this alternative energy. In fact, because of this increase in jobs and the overall interest in solar energy, the price of installing solar energy in your home has gone down astronomically compared to how much it used to be.


The great thing is this: solar energy is helping the economy. Jobs are being created in America and worldwide. We are actually seeing this. And that’s a big deal. If jobs are being created more and more, even the skeptics of this renewable resource will hopefully begin to see the light as they see the economic benefit. The whole solar energy industry invested almost $15 billion in the US economy annually. I don’t know about you, but that’s kind of great.

Now, on a big scale, what would large solar panel fields do for the economy? It’s pretty easy to discern that many more jobs would be available if more large-scale solar project began to pop up. These jobs would be in a variety of areas like construction, manufacturing, operations, and maintenance. Also, large-scale solar projects would actually get a deal in installation. These “soft costs” mean that the total cost of solar in large projects would be cheaper than the residential costs. And that’s with the added price of installation and engineering.

Policy is already changing on large solar energy projects

This is big news—and great news. Policies have already begun to change as technology and opinion on this alternative energy is much more favorable than it used to be. People are realizing that solar energy is good, economical, clean, and efficient for all, both on a small scale (residentially related) and a large scale.


For example, there have already been renewable energy standards and guidelines put in place in 29 states. These guidelines state that utilities must get a certain amount (each state and area is different) of their electricity sales from renewable energy. Dates are set as deadlines by which time the states have to be qualified.

Permits are also being reformed. Years ago, getting permits for installing solar energy products in your residential area tended to be long, tiring, and expensive. Now that they’re becoming much more relevant in people’s everyday lives, reforms have been made to make the whole process easier.

As the solar energy market is expanding and it is becoming easier and easier to harness in residential areas, more and more states and citizens are beginning to understand that a large-scale form of solar panels may be just what they need next. While guidelines and permits for large-scale installation of this renewable resource are much harder to obtain than residential permits, the legality of it all has changed and has become much easier and cost-effective than before.

Solar energy is environmentally-friendly

One of the biggest benefits of using solar energy in any form is the fact that it’s environmentally-friendly. In this day and age, with global warming and an insane amount of pollution everywhere we look, it’s easy to long for something that will help us out. And that’s just what solar energy does.

Even in a large scale component, solar energy harnessing is so much cleaner and safer than any other form or resources (like coal and oil) that we use today.


Also beneficial to the environment, solar energy has no waste products or ash. Other resources tend to have this—solar doesn’t. And while there are natural emissions that occur from the manufacturing of solar energy, it isn’t harmful like the emission of fossil fuels are.

Also incredibly important and worth noting is that solar energy generation requires little to no water, something that differs almost completely from all other power plants. Other power plants use steam to make electricity—but not solar energy generation.

Now, the only thing that large-scale solar energy plants face that could be considered the opposite of environmentally-friendly is the land that will be required to house it. However, there are many ways to get around this. One doesn’t have to destroy a forest or an animal’s habitat to make a field of solar energy panels.

In fact, many people have talked about making large-scale solar energy plants in areas that are already beyond damage, which will cause the solar energy market to expand further still. For example, because of global warming and overuse, there are many former farms that are no longer viable to work on. These areas would make great use of large-scale solar energy plants.

Many people who are fighting for larger scaled solar energy plants are also environmentally-friendly people. The environment and global warming tend to be at the forefront of their mind. There are ways to make these plants efficient and as green as possible and there’s no doubt that this can happen in the near future.

As technology advances and more people become aware of the benefits of generating solar energy from the sun, as well as the negative aspects of fossil fuels, we are seeing the change happen right before our very eyes as more large-scale solar energy productions are being produced. It’s easy to see why people love solar energy more than ever before—and it’s exciting to see where solar energy production can go.