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Aurora Solar: The Brand And Its Products

In the summer of 2011, Sam met Chris after leasing broke out at his company. Both had recently left their jobs as weatherization program managers in Vermont and were looking for new career opportunities. In discussing their experiences and frustrations with the solar industry, the two found they each shared a common goal: introduce a more streamlined process to the solar sales, design, and installation industry.

Aurora Solar: About & Story

Aurora Solar provide solar power for the developing world. Their mission is to help change the way energy is produced, distributed and consumed in the developing world. They started off by aiming to make clean and reliable solar energy available to rural communities in Africa and from there have greatly developed.

They want to speed up the benefits of solar to as many people as possible by making it easy, reliable and affordable. The Aurora team is on a mission to create a completely new financing model for solar that eliminates some of the barriers that hold people back.

They are building a better way to buy and sell solar. Their engine generates higher gross margins for installers by helping them win more business, reduce internal churn, and generate more repeat sales.

Aurora Solar’s goal is to accelerate the global transition to clean energy, radically reducing the cost of distributed solar generation by providing low-cost financing and comprehensive solar solutions to enable all Americans to go solar.


Aurora Solar: FAQS

How much does solar in Aurora cost?

Their solar systems are custom-designed to each family’s unique needs, so there is no cookie-cutter answer. Since they custom design, Aurora ensures you save money over your current energy bill. They also offer a variety of payment options to fit your needs.

What is net metering?

Net metering is a billing mechanism that gives you credits on your electric bill when your panels produce more electricity than your home uses in a month. It means that your solar panels could potentially make you money. Net metering is only available in certain areas from certain utilities, and sometimes the rules change.


Which license should I get?

We generally find that people prefer our Premium license, which gives the full benefit of Aurora’s industry-leading accuracy and technology. Beyond the Basic plan, it includes monthly shading analysis, bankable shade reports, and advanced performance simulations. This is an ideal solution for system designers looking for a premium all-in-one photovoltaic software tool.


Is there a yearly contractual commitment?

The easiest way to save on your electricity bill is by going solar. We provide you with a high-quality solar system for your home or business. If you prepay for the full year, you receive a 15% discount! Be sure to call us today!

Aurora Solar: The Final Thoughts

Aurora Solar is an exciting solar organization with a mission of enabling any solar professional to design and sell an optimal solar project in minutes, and they truly are succeeding!

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