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Is there enough sunlight in Bakersfield to make solar worth it?


The California city and its suburbs see more than 270 sunny days per year and homeowners there can put that sunlight to their advantage to reduce electric bills — now almost 32% higher vs. other states — while also reducing their carbon footprint.


What if my Bakersfield roof is shaded?

Shading can decrease the amount of electricity your Bakersfield solar energy system can produce. If shade is present, our remote solar design team will work to position your panels where they will get maximum sun exposure.

Does Bakersfield have Net Metering? 

The city of Bakersfield, California allows residents to sell their solar power back to the utility company, Kern Water & Power (KWP). The utility will either credit you at a rate against future bills or send you an annual check. You do not have to worry about SRECs, because the utility is mandated to meter your output. If you have a solar power system and are considering selling back the energy generated, Bakersfield can be a great place to generate revenue. 

Just make sure that you tell them how, when, and where to pay the money. For example, you can request a bank transfer or ask that they transfer you the fees back directly. If you don’t give them a clear instruction, they get to keep it!


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