​https://www.solaralliance.org/high-efficiency-solar-panels/​​​As you are all surely aware, there are many benefits of solar power systems in the home—especially reducing energy costs and minimizing our carbon footprint to help slow down global warming. These positives are widely broadcast and mostly cover the sustainability of solar energy, the money that is saved on the electricity bills, the low maintenance, and how eco-friendly solar is. On top of everything, there are several lesser-known benefits of solar energy that are still important, which we have identified in this post.

Enhanced Power Grid Security and Reduced Energy Loss

This advantage of using solar power systems for energy sources doesn’t necessarily benefit you directly, but solar energy and the solar industry massively help to improve the security of the power grid. If the grid harnesses solar power, it is more protected against voltage dips and blackouts. The more solar power sources that are used, the higher protection the grid will have from potential issues like overloading. Most of the time, the distribution of energy will result in energy loss. Although it is mostly in small amounts, it increases when the distance is greater between the energy production site and the supply point. These energy losses aren’t that noticeable, but it is still unwanted power wastage. This loss of power can be more noticeable in largely populated areas. With the incorporation of solar energy in the home, you become the production site and the supply site, which means the energy has minimal distance to travel. This results in little to no energy loss and skyrockets the efficiency of the energy usage.

Health Benefits

Hardly anyone is aware of the benefit that solar energy has on your health. Particularly in large cities, pollution is becoming a rapidly increasing concern. The air is becoming dirtier containing numerous amounts of gas and harmful chemicals. Luckily, however, we aren’t yet at a point where we need to wear masks. If truth be told, however, our future could result in wearing masks if things don’t start changing. Looking at studies and research on solar energy that is already in place, it has lowered greenhouse gas emissions by a whopping 17 million metric tons. Straying away from traditional fossil fuels and using solar energy for your home means no carbon monoxide equaling much cleaner and fresher air. 39% of the carbon outflow in the United States comes from buildings both residential and commercial so the more people that convert to solar energy the less carbon exposure there is in general.

Saves Money for Businesses

Saves Money for Businesses

Looking at the use of solar energy from a commercial perspective, businesses and farms would greatly benefit from using solar energy, and it would even significantly reduce their outgoings. Large companies, garages, farms, and warehouses usually have large buildings with an extensive roof capacity. They have plenty of room for solar panels that could generate substantial amounts of solar energy. For the most part, businesses operate during daylight hours so they wouldn’t need to invest in energy storage. They would use the energy that is generated throughout the day and would hardly need to import energy from the grid, which will dramatically cut down on running costs. As solar panels require very little maintenance, businesses can leave them to get on with their job. If more businesses were to incorporate the use of solar energy, the positive impact on the environment would be impressive. For anyone who might be considering solar energy for their business, being “green” is not only a great example to set, but it is also a fantastic feature for marketing your “green products or services”.

Less Water Usage

Yes, you read that correctly! Converting to solar energy can preserve fresh water. This is definitely a benefit that very few people think about when considering solar energy but it is still a very important one. Surprisingly, there is a risk of running our fresh water supply dry in the future— and that would be catastrophic for the entire human race. The traditional process of creating electricity uses a ridiculous amount of water that would be better off employed elsewhere. Processing fuel and refining it uses water—as does the transportation process. Water is also used to ensure that generators maintain a cool enough temperature. Solar energy is created by the sun, and only the sun, where absolutely no water is needed. Natural rainwater will fall onto the solar panels which lightly cleans them, and no additional water is used at all. It is a massively eco-friendly energy source that will take us to a greener and brighter future.

Goodbye Greenhouse Gases

Climate change is a big concern and governments and environmental organizations across the globe are encouraging people to do what they can for the environment and to be more conscious about their habits and lifestyle. The greenhouse effect, although it is a natural process of the warming of the earth’s surface which makes it livable, has enhanced due to fossil fuel burning. There is now a much higher amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which has even been linked to causing extreme weather conditions such as flooding, hurricanes, cyclones, severe drought, and so on. The surface of the earth is heating up a lot faster than anyone could have predicted and in certain areas its wildlife is already struggling to accommodate the changes. Unfortunately, the danger of greenhouse gases is expected to worsen and now it is up to communities to start making a difference. Incorporating solar energy into households and businesses is the best way to start. Solar panel installation produces absolutely no greenhouse gases at all. The energy production is a natural process where no fuel is burned and zero emissions are created. To start reducing the greenhouse effect, we need to utilize alternative solutions to certain aspects of our current way of living.

Solar energy not only reduces the need to burn fossil fuels but it also reduces our reliance on them. It really is a two-way street.Solar energy benefits you personally and, in the long run, financially as well as being kinder on the environment and giving us hope for a cleaner future. The benefits listed above are some of the lesser-known advantages of solar energy but there are, of course, many, many more.