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Blue Raven Solar: The Brand And Its Products

Blue Raven Solar, a leading, California-based full-service solar provider, has gone from 3 to 1,300 team members nationwide in 6 years. The company’s rapid rise is not by accident. It is the direct result of an extraordinary focus on customer experience.

Blue Raven Solar: About & Story

Blue Raven Solar began with one goal in mind-to provide homeowners across America with a simple and affordable way to get the best solar technology. They provide homeowners with easy options to get solar, all while saving on their utilities.

Blue Raven’s mission is to change the way America thinks about solar. They want to be viewed as a trusted partner rather than a commodity provider.

They want to help homeowners reduce their energy bills, increase their reliance on clean and abundant renewable energy, and provide a world-class customer experience through a reliable sales process and speedy, high-quality installation.

In a world where we’re increasingly dependent on fossil fuels to power our homes and businesses, they are proud to be part of the movement toward a greener tomorrow. Blue Raven Solar believes in helping you make sound decisions for your home.

Blue Raven Solar started with the goal of making solar energy accessible and affordable for the average homeowner. They want to continue providing you (the customer), with energy that protects the environment, saves you money, and improves the value of your home.

Blue Raven Solar: Services

Before Blue Raven Solar begins installing your solar panels, they will conduct a preliminary consultation at your place of residence to ensure you are a good candidate for solar energy. They will also check the electrical status of your home and the condition of your roof.

Blue Raven Solar makes sure your solar panel installation is solid, which means they examine the roofing type, the angle, shading on the roof, along with many other aspects.

Once you are approved for your solar panel installation, our design team will help you choose the most efficient solar panels for your home and install them on your property. We can answer any questions you may have about the process or financing, including our industry-leading Blue Power Plus.

You will work with their experienced solar team to choose the right panels for you. Building permits can take time, so you may have to bear with them as they secure the necessary paperwork. Once we have your permits, they can schedule your installation.

Blue Raven Solar is committed to providing you with an exceptional solar panel installation, which is why all of our technicians are fully qualified and trained. At your solar panel installation, they will begin by prepping your roof. They will then set up all the necessary wiring. Next, they will install the racking, which may be the loudest stage.

Once a suitable location for your panels is chosen, they will install the grid-tie inverters. This allows you to sell energy back to the main grid. The installation usually takes 1 day, but sometimes there are complications and it can take up to 2 days.


Blue Raven Solar: FAQS

Who should I call with questions about my payments?

Questions related to your solar financing should be directed to your lender. Their information can be found directly in the online customer portal. 

What do I need to do to maintain my solar panels?

There is very little upkeep required for solar panels, but there are some occasional inspections and maintenance to help ensure optimal system performance. You should wash your panels with water when there is built-up dirt or dust. Inspect your panels on occasion to look for any visual defects, and check for rust on the mounting.

How does Blue Raven solar work?

Net metering is the only way most homes produce and consume power. As a residential solar customer, you must be able to both buy electricity from your utility company and produce it yourself. At night, when your energy production exceeds what you need, the meter runs backward and becomes an electric credit on your account.

Blue Raven Solar: The Final Thoughts

with Blue Raven Solar aiming to build a home energy business with the most efficient and cost-effective solar systems, they strive to be ahead of the curve in conserving energy and generating renewable energy. They are working hard to make our process efficient, easy for homeowners, and as enjoyable as possible so you know you will be in good hands if you choose them to help you go solar.

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