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Solar PPA: What Is It & How Does PPA for Solar Work?

A Solar Power Purchase agreement is a special type of financial agreement in which a third-party developer who owns and operates a photovoltaic system (also known as a PV system) leases solar energy to a customer. The customer purchases the entire system’s electric output from the solar energy provider. This agreement allows the host to […]

Solar Panel Tax Credit: What You Need to Know about the Federal ITC for 2018

The solar panel tax credit was first enacted in 2005. It was renewed in 2008 and renewed again in 2015 as a way to make solar installation more affordable for homeowners and commercial solar businesses. This tax credit, also known as the investment tax credit (ITC), gives solar panel users the opportunity to take off […]

Solar Panel Lifespan: What You Must Know in 2018

Solar panel systems are a great way to conserve energy, save money, and contribute to the environment by reducing electricity use. Purchasing a solar panel system has its challenges, though. There are different types of solar panels that property owners can use as well as other factors like maintenance and installation costs, which people need […]

Solar Loan: Can You Get a Loan for Solar Panels?

Let’s get real: goingsolar can be very expensive. Even though the return investment over time is well worth the initial payment that you make for solar power, it’s still hard for the average American citizen to be able to afford to install solar panels in their property without a little bit of help. This is […]

Solar Carport: Everything You Need to Know

Products that help bring households clean, renewable energy have become more advanced and customer friendly in the last few years—and we don’t see this changing any time soon. A recent technological invention just so happens to make it easier for those who want to adopt renewable energy practices in their homes, without installing solar panels […]

RV Solar Battery Charger: The Basics & the Options for 2018

Different renewable energy and solar panel products seem to hit the market with each new month, each product just a bit more useful and technologically savvy than the last. The solar battery charger and solar charge controller for solar panels are great examples of these technological feats. If you remember the very first models of […]

REC Solar Panels: The Complete Review for 2018

REC Solar provides and manufactures high-quality, durable solar panels that deliver long-lasting and reliable performance. As one of the leading companies in the solar industry and with a mission to provide efficient solar energy services to both residential and commercial properties, REC Solar offers high-quality products and services that deliver great results and are leaders […]

Ground Mounted Solar Panels: Top 3 Things You Need to Know in 2018

If you’re looking for a way to bring renewable energy into your daily home life, there are a few options to choose from in this growing market. While you may only think of solar systems as rooftop solar panels to produce energy and electricity in your house—as these are the most popular and common forms of […]

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