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Top 5 Best Solar Generator Reviews for 2018

No matter your reason for wanting a watt solar generator, choosing the right one is essential for meeting your needs. Solar generators help you alleviate your dependence on third-party energy suppliers. They offer cleaner energy and ease any concerns you have about brown- or black-outs, as well as anxiety you might feel over a potential […]

The 5 Best Solar Batteries for Your Solar Power System in 2018

The use of solar panels and solar energy has grown increasingly more common in recent years. Someone doesn’t need to be living “off the grid” to have an interest in energy storage and solar batteries. Many people have chosen to add solar power to their grid-connected homes, providing a backup for emergencies and unexpected power […]

Solar Panel Maintenance: 5 Easy DIY Steps

Using solar panels to create solar power toget your energy is a great way to reduce your overall cost and be more environmentally friendly. It also allows you to have more independence and be more mobile. Many people opt for solar energy for their RVs or campers, making it easier to move from one place […]

Solar Panel Cleaning: Why, How, and How Often?

Installing solar panels helps you take advantage of the sun’s energy and make the most of the clean energy options. The panels work by collecting the rays of the sun and converting them into energy. The more light the panel is exposed to, the more energy it generates, which is why it’s important to point […]

Cheap Solar Panels: How to Get the Lowest Price Per Watt on the Market in 2018

It’s no secret that solar energy is cleaner and better for the environment. As a renewable energy, it’s also incredibly efficient. But did you know it can be the cheapest option for getting renewable energy in a lot of cases? More and more homeowners are upgrading to solar energy because it’s more dependable, better for […]

An In-Depth Look at the Different Types of Solar Panels for 2018

Solar panels allow people to utilize renewable energy generated by the sun. Solar power is a clean, natural option for energy and more and more homeowners are opting to make the switch to solar power and save on electricity bills. As well as reducing electricity bills, using solar energy provides a number of benefits. Above […]

All About Community Choice Aggregation (Plus FAQs)

Community choice aggregation is a decision that each state and county must make for themselves, and while some states are actively participating in community choice aggregation programs other have been slower to consider this alternative. According to National Conference of State Legislation, “States may consider aggregation to reduce electricity costs, provide power from local sources […]

What Are Marine Solar Panels and How Do They Work?

Solar panels harness the sunlight and are taking over every part of one’s home—and now, one’s boat! If you’ve heard of marine solar panels, you’ve probably been left a little confused. Marine solar panels?  What does that mean? Well, marine solar panels are, in fact, popular solar panels that you can put on your boat […]

Solar Water Heater Panels: FAQs

One of the coolest solar powered products around? Hands down, it has to be solar water heaters. While solar energy practices and products are booming, these water heaters will always be the best and ensure piping hot water whenever you need it. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a shower with cold water, is […]

Commercial Solar Panels: What to Look for and the Best Options

Now that we’re in 2018, it’s time to evaluate commercial solar power as renewable energy and put together a simple guide to help you navigate the murky waters of investing and dealing with installers of solar panels. It’s stressful, it can seem to be too much at times, and there is always the fear of […]

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