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5 Uses for a Solar Powered Fountain Pump

Solar powered fountain pumps are on the rise and becoming more and more popular every day… and for good reason!  As a clean and green way to brighten up any garden or home, solar powered fountains have many uses for novice solar users and advanced environmentally-friendly homeowners alike. And, like many other popular solar powered […]

How Does a Solar Refrigerator Work?

As more and more household appliances make the switch to solar power, it has become clearer that renewable energy is the future. From solar furnaces to solar refrigerators and freezers, everyday devices are starting to go green. Lately, solar refrigerators have joined the list of eco-friendly, solar-powered appliances that drastically reduce energy consumption. Solar refrigerators […]

Home Solar Solutions to Cut Your Energy Bill in Half

Solar energy enthusiasts love to talk about how their penchant for renewable energy is helping save the environment. While this is true, most solar power connoisseurs understate the impact that solar solutions can have on their energy costs. In most cases, whether looking to heat your home or crank up that air conditioner, adopting solar […]

Best Solar Power Bank Options: Here’s a Checklist You Can Follow

There are few things more frustrating than having your phone battery die when you need it most—and there is no way of charging it. Unfortunately, many of us know what it’s like to reach for our phones to send an important last-minute message, only to find out that it’s out of juice. That’s where solar […]

7 Best Solar Companies in the US for 2018

Solar energy in the United States has skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple of decades. Thanks to technological innovations in photovoltaic technologies and lithium-ion batteries, residential, and commercial solar energy have become an affordable source of renewable energy for millions of Americans. Since the 1970s, the solar industry has rocketed while the cost of […]

The Environmental Impact of Solar Energy

Potential environmental impacts due to solar energy may vary significantly depending on the technology that is being utilized. With solar power, the amount of electricity the solar panels produce depends on a few different factors including the size of the panels that are being used, the efficiency of the interior solar cells, and how much […]

Solar Panels for the House – The Best Strategy to Get Started

As we continue further through the year, you may be looking at ways to cut costs and save some money for more of a longer-term duration. Solar panels for the house may have even crossed your mind at some point, or perhaps you have seen more of your neighbors installing solar panels for their homes, […]

Monocrystalline Solar Panel Options and Our Advice

Not too many of us are completely familiar with the topic of solar energy, which also means we may not be aware of the different types of solar panel options that are available to us. One of these solar panel types is the monocrystalline solar panels. Unless you get some expert advice, you won’t be […]

Lithium Solar Batteries

When compared to other batteries such as lead acid batteries, lithium solar batteries have proven to be more reliable. They’re a welcome alternative when it comes to the storage of solar energy. Not only are they easy to fix, but they are durable as well and store up more power. It’s no wonder that more […]

How Solar Panels for Boats Work

Life is grand when you have a boat to look into all your needs for adventure. Whether you are a lover of kayaking or sailing in a yacht, you are covered. Instead of the same old speedboats, why not try out something new? For instance, experience a solar-powered boat and their immense benefits. Imagine a […]

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