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Solar power kits offer an alternative to traditional electricity. Solar power is harnessing the energy we receive from the sun’s rays. This energy is then transformed into electricity that can be used in the home.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the amount of people that are choosing to go solar due to the many benefits that solar power offers the homeowner. Additionally, you can install most solar power kits for the home yourself and quickly begin to save on your power bills.

While a solar power kit can seem a bit complex and complicated at first glance, they are actually relatively easy to use and are available in an assortment of sizes that are appropriate for several different types of home. Smaller solar power kits offer the convenience of mobility.

It is important to understand exactly what it is you are doing if you choose to install the solar power kit for your home yourself. Not knowing how to properly install the kit can lead to damage to the equipment before using them. If you want solar energy as a primary source of power for your home and have chosen the route of a solar power kit, here is everything you need to know.

Grid-Tied Solar Power Kits

Every home has its own unique power demands to meet, and that’s why various solar power kits are currently available in the market. If you have a simply constructed home and require less electrical use, then a grid-tied solar power kit fits you.

They have the capacity to save as much energy as required during the day and provide storage for the energy and saves it for later use. The best part is, a grid-tied solar power kit can meet your needs even if you have equipment such as a washing machine and generator to run.

Small Off-Grid Solar Power Kits

There is also a solar power kit that can serve you even if your home is in a location where grid power is currently unavailable. It’s called a small off-grid solar power kit. Grid power is an organized system of energy that is run and provided by a control center. They receive power from the sun through their batteries. That power is then sent to the inverter which changes the energy from direct energy to alternating energy. It then delivers it for home use. It’s a pretty straightforward process that provides an endless amount of benefits for the homeowner.

Hybrid Solar Power Kit


If you live in a home where energy consumption is extremely high, then the hybrid solar power kit is an excellent pick for you. This particular kit can provide the stored energy in the batteries during the day. Alternatively, you can preserve the power and use it at night, your choice.

The beauty of this kit is that your home is adequately lit and functional, even during power outages. Whichever option you pick, these solar power kits for the home put the power into your hands. Literally.

The Bright Side of Solar Power Kits

As with any big purchase or investment, you will want to do a little research and make some comparisons before buying anything. You have to consider what you want to achieve at the end of the day. There are as many negatives as there are perks when it comes to solar power kits.

Since they do more good than harm, let’s look at their benefits first.

  • They give your home an exciting edge above the rest. Not many people have discovered the magic of power storage for rainy days. You could be a source of envy to your neighbors.
  • A high percentage of monthly power bills are reduced, and it’s even a bigger plus if you’re great with the installation.
  • Some solar power kits provide the opportunity to add more solar panels if the ones available aren’t enough to power your home. This allows you to significantly increase the rate of power you use at any time you want without worrying about skyrocketing power bills.

The Down Side of Solar Power Kits

  • In some places, you need to get a building permit before setting up solar power.
  • You may waste your precious money on a kit that’s lacking some items. It’s never a guarantee that all kits are complete.
  • If you blunder in a delicate procedure such as wiring, you’ll spend more on rectifying it than you did on buying the kit.
  • You have to meet all the requirements of public utility before you can get a kit installed. It’s never easy to own the best of things, but a solar power kit is worth the trouble.

Now that that’s clear, it’s time to focus on what a solar kit contains. They may vary, but here are some parts that a typical kit must have:

Solar Panels

These are the most crucial components of any solar power kit for the home. Their main function is to receive the rays from the sun and convert them into an electric current. They are also known as PV modules. They vary in sizes, with large ones using 200 watts, and sometimes even 300 watts. Smaller panels use 100 watts. It all boils down to the type of cell technology used to make them.


An inverter is a unique device that converts current energy from one form to another. Solar panels provide energy in the form of direct current, or DC, which has one direction of flow and has a low voltage. Inverters change this energy into AC, or alternating current, which flows in several directions and can be sent over long distances. There are a variety of inverters for the various kits available.

Mounting System

A mounting system, also known as a racking system, is an essential part of the solar power kit installation. Not only does it keep the solar panels firmly fixed on the roof, but it can also increase the level of power production of the panels if it’s mounted correctly.

Wiring and Connectivity

Depending on the type of kit, wiring and connectivity may be included. An electrician or contractor puts them to use during installation.

Charge Controller for Battery Systems

If your solar panels are connected to batteries for whatever reason, a charge regulator or controller is critical. It ensures that the batteries don’t suffer excess charging from the panels. It makes this possible by keeping the current from the panel to the cells under control.

In a Nutshell

Now that information is at your fingertips; you can begin to see the many benefits and advantages you can experience when you choose to purchase a solar power kit for your home.