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Does it make sense to get solar in Fontana 

It gets hot in Fontana. Really, really hot. And we know that you don’t want to go through every summer extension cord in your home or office in an attempt to stay cool. That’s why we’re asking you to look into switching to solar power for your home or business. It’s the easy, affordable way of getting yourself through another sweltering summer without sweating it out.

You can lower your utility bills with a smooth experience from beginning to the end. Choose from solar panel installation or power purchase agreements. If you choose to go solar and lease or buy, you get a free site assessment by an experienced solar company while enjoying no-money-down pricing. And when you go solar, your electric company will give you a credit on your bill for the electricity you don’t use.

Solar is not only great for the future of our environment, but it can save you money right away. So go solar in Fontana to have your energy needs supplied with 100% renewable energy!


What are the tax breaks for installing solar in Fontana?Fontana is a friendly suburban town located in the mountains of California, providing peace and culture for the residents and plenty of room for a family.Did you know that Fontana and California offer tax breaks and incentives of up to 30% on solar panels? The great thing is, with our help, we can get you a free solar evaluation for your home today. California is encouraging you to go green and utilize renewable energy sources. The Go Solar California campaign offers you an easy way to do so. 

Cutting edge technology and innovative design are two of the many reasons solar power is proven to be the best energy source in America. Solar companies like Fontana Solar strive to make solar affordable to everyone; for this reason, they offer incredible incentives and rebates that significantly lower the cost of installing a system on your roof. Due to these incredible incentives, many Fontana residents have opted to switch to solar and take advantage of these great benefits.

In addition to those great benefits, the federal government also offers the 30% tax credit for solar power installation. So, if you want to get a great return of the money invested in your home’s energy source, and a great incentive for your house’s attractiveness, consider this program.

Since helping to increase solar installation by 90% in its first three years, the 30% ITC has ensured that over 50,000 Americans are employed in the solar industry. This measure is currently set to expire by the end of 2022 but is likely to be extended, as demand for solar energy in the US continues to grow.


Fontana, CA Information

Fontana is a city in San Bernardino County, California that is a friendly suburban area located in the mountains of California, providing peace and culture for the residents and plenty of room for a family. The weather is generally mild; the winters are moderate and rather dry, while the summers are hot and dry. Outdoor enthusiasts and nature-lovers will find their perfect retreat in Fontana. With a location in Southern California surrounded by lush grassland and wooded forests, this city also provides adventure-lovers with plenty of exciting outdoor destinations. Fiesta park in Fontana is a very attractive and popular destination for tourists for its amazing attractions and great ambiance.



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