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How much do solar panels cost in Fremont? 

On average, the price of solar power in Fremont, CA will cost between $13,302 and $17,998 for a 5kW solar array. This means that it can provide between $19,750 and $28,800 worth of electricity over its lifetime (at the current average consumption of 1kWh per day).  The average gross cost for solar in Fremont, CA is $15,650.  

After accounting for the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and other state and local solar incentives, you could save thousands of dollars.

Why go solar in Fremont? 

Fremont boasts a position as one of the sunniest cities in California. With approximately 264 sunny days per year, Fremont is a great location to install solar panels.

It’s no secret that California gets both a lot of sun and a lot of fog. But what you might not know is that fog actually lowers the power output of your solar panels, which means more fog = less solar! That’s why you need to get a solar quote before you buy a home in Fremont.



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