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What Are the Benefits of a Fresno Solar Purchase Agreement (PPA)?


If you are considering solar power for your home, a PPA is the right choice for you. The beauty of a solar Power Purchase Agreement is that it gives you the same benefits owners of rooftop solar systems enjoy without the upfront costs. So instead of owning the panels, you buy the electricity they produce at a set rate. You receive federal tax credits and other local benefits that come with installing solar. Plus, in many states, energy independence is just as important as efficiency — with a PPA, you gain an energy partner that can help you meet both goals. So, if you own your home, a Solar Power Purchase Agreement is the easiest and best way for you to go solar.



What are some federal incentives in Fresno? 


Despite all the good reasons to get Fresno solar panels, the biggest benefit of solar is definitely the savings. With the costs of solar panels dropping by almost 70% over the past decade, this “alternate energy” is now becoming quite affordable. Staying at home can really cut your electrical bill down to $0 in Fresno, California. You can also generate passive income by selling surplus energy back to the grid.  Solar battery technology has come a long way in the past few years and is paying off for customers in Fresno!



Why choose a local solar contractor in Fresno? 


Fresno is a an up-and-coming solar market for the incredible opportunity and potential solar developers have while working with the PG&E utility grid. It’s important to work with utility companies when planning a home or business solar systems, and Fresno is no different. There are some critical differences you should know about as well.

Solar contractors outside of the Fresno area may also not be familiar with relationships between Valley Solar and PG&E, Fresno Solar Panel companies, and all the rules, applications, and fees that must be adhered to in order to complete a solar panel system installation. Valley Solar would like to elaborate on what PG&E requires solar panel installers to do in order to get their systems running reliably.


Fresno, CA information

Fresno is a city located in Central California that offers many recreational activities with a variety of different parks where you can take in the beautiful views the city has to offer. Fresno has a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and long, hot, dry summers therefore is a perfect environment to have solar energy due to the prolonged exposure to sunlight. The city experiences an astonishing 3550 hours of sunshine on average a year so there is no lack of sun in Fresno.



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