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Go Solar Power: The Brand And Its Products

Solar panels are becoming an affordable, cost-effective way to generate renewable energy and trim your electricity costs. You can now purchase solar panels without having to spend tons of money upfront. A solar lease allows you to save money while blocking out the sun…and that’s something to smile about!

Go Solar Power: About & Story

Go Solar was founded by Adam Stinnett in 2009 as a way to help his father, a disabled veteran, to go solar. His father wasn’t able to afford the upfront costs of the panels together with all the financing options available from all the different companies and Adam wanted to be able to help him. Together with his partners from Swank Energy, Go Solar has helped over 100K homeowners get their rooftop solar systems for free or at a lower cost than what they would have paid without our help!

Their mission at GoSolarPower is to boost the viability and consumer interest of solar by vigorously competing on the price of solar electricity, thereby placing America on an exciting renewable energy path of sustained growth.

Go Solar Power transform rooftops into revenue-generating solar power plants. By increasing the market demand, providing cleaner and more efficient solar energy, they are fueling the growth of renewables. Go Solar Power is dedicated to transforming the way people consume energy by making it easy and affordable for everyone to capture the power of the sun.

Offering the most cost effective and efficient solar systems on the market today. Guaranteeing that you the homeowner will recoup your investment in as little as 5 years, depending on when you go solar. Offsetting your carbon footprint for life!

Using your Enphase app as well as the Tesla app with batteries, you will have complete control over your systems performance monitoring. Go Solar Power Service team is available to troubleshoot and correct any issues.




Go Solar Power: Services

Our Solar Specialists will create a personalized design to maximize your Solar Savings. Choose from Roof Mount, Solar Roof, Power Pergola, or Ground Mount Designs. Create your system with or without a Battery Backup.

Go Solar offers the best financing through the country’s leading solar loan providers, passing on interest rates as low as .99% over 20 years. And if you want to pay upfront, they’ll cut you a killer deal.

I’d like to work with you to get your solar project installed within 30-45 days from start to finish. We will answer all of your questions and provide a variety of quotes in order to help you choose the best system for your home or business.

As an authorized dealer, Go Solar Power has access to Mosaic loan products that range from 10-year loans with no money down and $0 monthly payments to 20 years $0 down and $50+ monthly payments.


Go Solar Power: FAQS

How long does it take for solar power to pay for itself?

You can recover the initial cost of installing solar panels within 20 years by saving money each month on your electricity bill.

How does the financing work? What is the billing schedule?

Working with Mosaic Solar Loan and Sunlight Financial, their customer-focused lending platforms, provide $0 down financing with low fixed interest.

You will not be charged interest for the first 30 days after your loan is signed.

If you’re not able to get a loan from Dividend Solar, Go Solar Power have other options that might work better for you

When Does the Installation Team Come? What is the Procedure?

After submitting all the required permits and obtaining your county permit, they’ll contact you a week in advance to give you a rundown.

The installation team will be at your house the day of the installation to install your panels.


Go Solar Power: The Final Thoughts

Go Solar focuses on working with homeowners to get the solar power system that is right for them. We do this by breaking down the process into simple steps and guiding our clients along the way. This means that they never have to worry about any surprises at the end of the process – everything will be covered before it starts.

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