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How a Portable Solar Generator Works

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Using renewable energy in a portable format has slowly become a very popular and in demand way to efficiently use solar energy. Even people who don’t run their houses using things like solar panels are beginning to use portable means of renewable energy.

With their compact and portable design, portable solar generators are becoming much more useful to people across the nation for a variety of reasons. These generators (and the portable solar panels that you can buy to use them with) are easy to travel with and are able to charge up a variety of different devices.

Bringing electricity and power to areas that don’t normally have the option, portable generators are the rage among campers and hikers alike. However, portable solar equipment does differ from the regular solar material in a few ways.

What Is Solar Power?

First of all, what is solar power? Before we jump on into how a portable solar generator works, let’s talk a bit about solar power. Solar power is a form of energy, a quite simple one, that can power your house or property through different components (like solar panels, generators, etc).

What Is a Solar Generator?

Now that you know the basics (and very basics) of solar power, let’s talk about solar generators, the key component of this article. What, exactly, are they? And what is their purpose in the large scheme of solar energy powering a house?


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Basically, a solar generator is a small box that has components connected together in it: the batteries, the charge controller, and the inverter. All three are necessary components to making sure your solar energy power works. This solar generator, once activated and gaining the energy from the solar panels (which get the energy from the sunlight), can power whatever you need (depending on the amount of power you’re getting and the size of power you need, of course).

What Is a Portable Solar Generator? And How Does It Work?

Now, a portable solar generator isn’t going to be able to charge your whole entire house. Because it’s portable, you can bring it with you anywhere. It’s quite compact and makes for great camping trips when you know you’re going to need some power to charge electronic devices. You can also buy these generators just about anywhere, which is a plus.

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Solar generators are powered by the energy from the sun, which hits the solar panels that it is connected to. Also called the photovoltaic effect, this process causes electrons to become quite disrupted from their normal atomic orbit. This action alone creates an electrical power in the panels (also called DC), which then is sent to the generator.

Now, this is where the inverter comes into hand. The inverter automatically converts the DC into AC without you even realizing it or lifting a finger. The generator is now a power source, and if the battery is charged fully, you can use it to charge any device you want. Now, you always have to make sure your battery in your generator is fully charged or else you’ll go to charge your phone during a camping trip… only to realize you can’t!

How Do Portable Generators Differ from Regular Generators?

Portable generators are, for lack of a better word, little portable compact generators that you can easily carry around. These, as we said above, are great if you plan on going on a camping trip and know that you need electricity or power in some shape or form. These portable generators are also great for outdoor events where you know there won’t be any electrical outlets nearby.

It should be noted that portable generators do have a lower wattage than most backup generators. However, they are still able to power or recharge electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets, light bulbs, small appliances, and other smaller devices you may have. They can even be used to help jump-start vehicle batteries as well if ever needed.

If you’re worried about how to charge your portable solar generator, don’t worry. You can buy portable solar panels that work well with your portable solar generator, even while being cost-efficient. You don’t want to buy huge solar panels for your compact solar generator. These portable solar panels are also easy to carry and travel with if you want to travel with a way to charge your generator back up before it gets empty.

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You can also use portable solar generators for a long time, even if you’re using something while it’s hooked up to the generator charging. The great thing about these portable solar generators is they have a long lifespan, and as long as you have your trusty portable solar panel to charge up the generator when it begins to lose its power, you won’t have any issues at all.

One of the biggest benefits of having a portable generator is just that: it’s portable. The average portable solar generator is actually relatively small, making it easy to carry when hiking or easy to store when putting in your car among other camping equipment. It’s lightweight, and you’ll probably forget you’re even carrying it sometimes.

How Do You Charge Portable Generators?

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To charge your portable solar generators, you need to have your sturdy portable solar panels with you. As you probably know, solar panels need sunlight in order to gain energy. As your solar generator is connected to your solar panel, give it a few hours to charge up the battery. Every model and brand of generator and panel varies on the time of a full battery charge—and if your generator can hold more power, it’s obviously going to take longer to charge. We recommend leaving the generator connected to the solar panel for about a day to get as much battery charged as possible. This, depending on the size, should charge your portable generator completely.

Portable solar generators are incredibly handy to have, regardless of what you’re using them for. They make great use as backup sources of power for any situation, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Of course, if you go camping often, it’s incredibly beneficial to invest in portable solar panels and portable solar generators. You’re never going to know when that renewable energy will come into great use.

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