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Have you ever wondered where to get rid of old gadgets? Let’s be truthful here and admit that we all have stuff lying around our homes we don’t use anymore. Many people find themselves with things they are no longer using because businesses and locations for recycling aren’t easily accessible in their area.

Take it To Your Local Store

Almost all home and office supply stores have convenient recycling programs and will accept just about anything. For instance, Best Buy will take back appliances, car GPS units, as well as many other electronic devices or even offer cash or trade-ins. You can trade-in your old phone at Staples to get up to 50% off the price of a new one. They’ll also recycle other electronics such as laptops, e-Readers, tablets, and MP3 players. You can recycle batteries and cell phones at many gas stations but Lowes is specifically dedicated to this task.

Trade In!

You can sell your unused electronics to sites that will pay you to recycle them. No matter which site you choose, you’ll have access to tutorials and checklists to make sure your device is prepared for resale, and you’ll get quotes on the spot so you can quickly determine how much money your electronics are worth. Then, just print a prepaid shipping label and ship your device for free. When it arrives at their facility, most companies will payout via PayPal or check.

We love gadgets and electronics. So does Amazon Trade-In, Gazelle, and NextWorth. You might have some of these items lying around your house. They’ll pay you for them, and that can help you buy the gadgets you want now. If you have a Kindle (or two), Echo, Fire TV, or even an old smartphone lying around at home, grab your credit card and head over to Amazon Trade-in. You’ll get an Amazon gift card in exchange for your used device, which you can then put towards the purchase of a new Kindle.

One of the many benefits of choosing Sony is that they offer a trade-in scheme to help make buying a new phone more affordable. All old phones are accepted at their online store, including the latest Apple and Samsung models, and you can either opt for cash that is directly transferred into your bank account or you can double the value of your old phone by opting for vouchers that you can use on Sony accessories like headphones.

Recycle It!

The phone recycling sites have the job to recycle old phones and offer a cash price too but they also try to sell the phones or donate them to developing countries so people can get access to newer ones. In contrast, Mazuma Mobile and Envirofone recycle as much as possible before selling the remaining items at a lower rate.

EcoATM is a safe, convenient way of recycling your old smartphone or tablet. With EcoATM you’ll get instant payment for your trade-in and be able to donate your device to someone in need. Their kiosks are easy to find, so you can swap your old phone for cash at the end of the day.

There’s a growing range of websites and shops that’ll buy most of your old technology, including gadgets, video equipment, and jewellery.

Donate It

Increasingly, the value of technology extends beyond what you can do with it. This is particularly true for those who can’t afford to own a smartphone, in some cases, even a basic cell phone. For them, technology represents access to the global economy. If you don’t need cash to put towards a new device, you might want to donate your old tech to help someone else. Initiatives such as Three’s Reconnected Scheme let you donate your phone by post and will pass it on to charities to give to those in need. Three even gives recipients of the donated phones 90 days of free calls, texts, and data.

The Dell Reconnect program is a partnership between Dell and Goodwill. The program takes old computers—and anything you can connect to them, from keyboards to scanners—and refurbished them for resale. Any parts that can’t be fixed are recycled. The National Cristina Foundation works with local nonprofits in need of computers. The World Computer Exchange accepts computers from individuals and businesses through the mail.

Many different organizations collect unused, functional phones to refurbish and resell them. These donations allow these organizations to effectively support their programming and services. The National Coalition for Domestic Violence will provide a prepaid shipping label for your phone, laptop, or gaming system. Lifecell purchases Lifestraws for those who lack access to clean water. Cell Phones for Soldiers takes gently used phones to provide communication services to troops and veterans.

Gaming is a major activity for children. Part of this activity is playing games. However, for individuals with disabilities, gaming can be much more challenging. AbleGamers, which provides accessible gaming technology to individuals with disabilities, accepts donations of used consoles and games via mail. Gamers Outreach and Charity Nerds will take your donated gaming equipment to children who are hospitalized. Families can update AbleGamers on what games their kids would like to play at home.

Manufacturers and retailers have partnered with the nonprofit Waste Management Inc. to offer several ways you can recycle or donate consumer electronics products. Below are some of the programs developed by SMM Electronics Challenge participants. To find information about a program that is not listed below, contact the retailer or manufacturer with whom you purchased your device.

Sell It Privately

can make more money by selling your old Apple products on eBay than some other sites. In 2019, 8 iPhones were sold every half an hour on eBay for an average price of $350 each. That’s more than you’d get on some other sites.

Final Thoughts

If you have old gadgets or devices, make your household an eco-friendly home for free. With recycling and resale services, you can recycle electronics from your home without having to drive to a location in your area.