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Surrounded by the pristine beaches and sun-drenched coastline that Orange County is famous for, Huntington Beach invites you to explore its sandy shores, visit its many pristine parks, or enjoy one of the city’s many events. There’s always something going on in Huntington Beach! We invite you to find out what that is here. The city has a borderline semi-arid/Mediterranean climate, gradually changing for the second to the west and south due to its low precipitation. The climate is generally sunny, dry and cool, although evenings can be excessively damp. In the summer, temperatures rarely exceed 85 °F (29 °C). In the winter, temperatures rarely fall below 40 °F (4 °C), even on clear nights.

What are the financing options in Huntington for solar?

Residents of Huntington Beach, California are eligible for solar rebates from the state. As part of the California Solar Initiative, the SDG&E rebate program offers a guaranteed “buy-down” rate for rooftop solar systems.

Under a solar power purchase agreement, a third party can purchase, install, and maintain a solar PV system on your property. In most cases, the third party will only own the equipment and become the leasing agent for the energy produced by that equipment. The owner of the system will be responsible for the utility bills associated with using that energy.

Leasing is an option on all of our solar systems, but it is only available for residential customers. With a Solar Lease plan, you pay a fixed amount each month for three years. At the end of the three years, you own the system at no additional cost. You pay for your electricity usage, and any excess electricity is exported to the grid and credited against your electric bill. A Solar Lease plan eliminates the initial investment upfront but does not allow you to deduct the cost of electricityWhat are the steps of getting a solar installation permit in Glendale?

Is Huntington Beach good for solar?

As a leader in solar energy, Huntington Beach residents and businesses are lowering their carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy.

Huntington Beach is one of the best cities to install solar panels in California, because of the 266 days of sun per year. With the consistent increase of electricity cost from SCE (Southern California Edison), LADWP and SDG&E, an installation of solar panels on your home can make your life even better.



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