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What homes are best suited to have solar in Irvine? 

Well-designed homes can have high energy-saving potential. By situating your roof to maximize solar exposure, you can significantly reduce the running cost of your home. This is because part of the electricity required to power your home can be generated by the sun. A qualified solar contractor can guide you through the process and determine the payback time for the investment required.

How long does an Irvine City solar review take?

Solar is a smart financial investment. But putting solar on your home can be an intimidating process. We can guide you through the process to ensure you have a positive experience during every step of the way.

Reviews are between 2-4 weeks depending on complexity. But if you need it in less than 48 hours, it can even do same day turnaround! 

How much do solar panels cost in Irvine? 

As of March 2021, the average solar panel cost in Irvine, CA is $2.78/W. Accordingly, an average 5 kW solar installation in Irvine, CA ranges from $11,815 to $15,985, averaging to a gross price of $13,900.

Irvine, CA information

Irvine is a fast-growing city located in Orange County, California with beautiful views and sunny weather. While late spring and early summer are often dreary with overcast mornings and flooding, the rest of the year is typically bright and sunny, making Irvine a year-round destination. Irvine has a Mediterranean climate and salty breezes making it perfect for outdoor living, with the average temperature in January being 56 degrees and the average temperature in August 71 degrees. The city is more than just Southern California’s largest planned community, It is home to the University of California, a major technology center, and a dynamic business community.

Working to protect both environment and economy, the City of Irvine leads a long line of municipal projects that focus on environmentally sustainable development.


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