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What will be my utility service if I choose to go solar in Modesto? 

Solar energy is an exciting new form of renewable energy. Whether your home uses Modesto Irrigation District utilities or Southern California Edison, adding solar panels can slash your utility bill.

Solar installations in Modesto are hot, and for good reason. With a federal tax credit of up to 22 percent, homeowners who install solar in Modesto can save hundreds of dollars.


How much do solar panels cost in Modesto? 

The average price of solar panels in Modesto is $3.04/W. The average installation size for solar in Modesto is 5kw. For an installation of this size, the cost can range from $12,920 to $17,480, with the average cost being $15,200.

After accounting for the tax incentives, like the ITC and other state and local incentives, the net price you’ll pay for solar can fall by thousands of dollars.


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