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Panasonic: The Brand And Its Products

It’s no secret. The energy market is changing rapidly. You can read about certain parts of it – like renewables – all over the headlines. But what you might not know is that we’re also changing the grid both from above and below. That’s where Panasonic comes in. They’re working on products that are helping utilities adapt to these changes, and doing it with solutions that are made to work well together as an integrated system designed to help you cost-effectively deploy more clean energy to meet every home’s needs and every business’s demand .

Panasonic: About & Story

Born from the mind of inventor and entrepreneur Konosuke Matsushita, Panasonic was started in 1918. Today, Panasonic products may be found virtually everywhere around us, as they play key roles in many of the transformative changes reshaping our world.

From the most efficient solar panels to cutting-edge intelligence systems, innovative energy products and sustainable solutions are their passion. Their vast portfolio paired with close partnerships with industry leaders around the globe allow them to meet the needs of every project, big or small.

For the challenges our world faces, Panasonic is committed to delivering entire sustainable ecosystems, from solar panels and storage systems to multi-stakeholder partnerships that help cities keep the power flowing.

At Panasonic, they believe that the way to create a better future is to think of new possibilities together and that by joining hands with customers and collaborators. That’s why they have launched the Environment Vision 2050, a commitment to the planet we all share. This vision will inform the work they do at Panasonic over the next 30 years.

When they started designing HIT solar panels, they wanted to; improve the energy generation of conventional panels, drastically extend their life span and make them easier to install. The result was a universal solar panel that lets you capture performance over the long haul—unlike conventional panels.

Panasonic: Services

People want to go solar, but sometimes have questions or concerns. A friendly chat with a representative will help you determine if solar is a good match for your home. So give us a call today at ION Energy to learn more about what solar options are available to you. A friendly chat with an ION representative will help you determine if solar is a good match for your home. Your questions will be answered and you’ll learn exactly what solar options are available to you. Our team is ready to work with you every step of the way.

There are so many companies that install solar energy systems.

PION Solar are the only ones who give you the absolute best service and product possible. To find out what you could save call them at 888-781-7074 now for a free site survey and for quality solar installation services.

Visit ION Solar’s portfolio to view a list of all my happy customers. They also accept custom referrals. So, if you give them a shot I guarantee it will be money well spent. There’s never been a better time to make your home energy efficient and affordable, so call now to start saving tomorrow.

Solar power isn’t always an option – especially for people in rural areas or those that live in homes with poor sunlight exposure.

That’s why we offer solar energy systems for homes.The system includes a 5KW inverter/battery backup system, an 80-panel solar array on your roof and all wiring necessary to install the entire system.

In today’s world of solar PV arrays with a large number of interconnected solar panels, more attention has been given to the importance of maintaining power continuity. It is not uncommon for a single inverter failure to result in the entire array shutting down. They have done a great job amplifying this as one of the primary reasons end-users prefer systems with microinverters and string inverters instead of traditional central inverters.

Panasonic’s EverVolt™ residential energy storage system helps manage electricity costs and absorb peak power. It features advanced software, intelligent charge-management algorithms, a user-friendly app that communicates with the solar system and can be quickly installed.

Panasonic partnered with Xcel Energy and the city of Denver to create Colorado’s first solar micro-grid. The project combines innovative technologies and helps Xcel strengthen resilience for customers and critical loads.

Panasonic: FAQS


How good are Panasonic solar panels?

Panasonic HIT panels have an efficiency rating of between 19.1% and 20.3%. These panels are also backed by a 25-year triple protection warranty and guaranteed power output of over 90% after 25 years.

How do you clean Panasonic solar panels?

Dust and dirt can build up on your solar panels, potentially reducing efficiency and degrading the materials that they’re made of. The easiest solution is to ask your solar provider about a maintenance package.

Does Tesla use Panasonic solar panels?

Tesla and Panasonic made a deal at the end of 2016 to use Panasonic’s solar panel technology in Tesla automobiles. By utilizing this

Panasonic: The Final Thoughts

Panasonic’s solar panels are among the best on the market. Panasonic is a leader in all things technological and represents quality to every consumer. The HIT solar panels are truly outstanding.

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