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RV Solar Battery Charger: The Basics & the Options for 2018

RV Solar Battery Charger

Different renewable energy and solar panel products seem to hit the market with each new month, each product just a bit more useful and technologically savvy than the last. The solar battery charger and solar charge controller for solar panels are great examples of these technological feats. If you remember the very first models of solar battery chargers that had an enormous solar power battery bank, you may remember how clunky and not at all effective they really were. Now, with new improvements and aesthetic designs in solar energy efficiency, the solar battery charger and solar charge controller are better than ever.

Solar battery chargers are chargers for items like phones, tablets, or really anything that has a battery. All you have to do is set this solar battery out where it can gain energy from the sun’s rays. Once the charger is all charged up, you can use it to plug into your phone or item to help recharge the battery!

Now, as these items advance, there are solar batteries that you can even connect to your car and RV. Obviously, this is quite useful for any situation, but especially if you are road tripping in your RV and would like that added protection to charge the battery of your RV if needed. There are so many high-quality options available on the market right now but there are some essential details you should know before investing in one of these handy products.

RV solar battery charger basics

There are so many ways that you can bring renewable energy to your RV but solar battery chargers are great additions for any RV owner. Solar battery chargers are ideal for any automobile purpose but seem to be even more suitable for those who own and use an RV. For the most part, RVs tend to be used for long trips that cover a wide range of area. To have battery failure in the middle of any trip could ruin the entire adventure. That’s why solar battery chargers are so great to have. Plus, this battery charger is probably going to see a lot of sun during the trip, which makes it easy to become fully charged ensuring power from solar energy whenever you need it.

Car and RV solar panel batteries are pretty expensive, depending on the car and model that you need. These can range from $100 to $300 and sometimes much more! To have your battery fail during a trip, and then to have to come up with this money immediately, is such a horrible experience for anyone. Alternatively, RV solar battery chargers (and just car solar battery chargers) tend only to be priced around $30–$60.  Depending on the model you get, you can get pricier options, but the need to spend more on something like this item really isn’t necessary.

As we mentioned above, solar battery chargers hold the power that they gain and convert from the sun’s rays of light. This is why it’s critical that the solar charger gets as much sunlight as possible and is situated in a beneficial area as it gains this power. Once this battery contains all the power it needs from the solar power panels, you can apply it to your RV battery if the battery needs a little bit of help.

For the most part, there are two different ways you can connect the solar battery charger to your RV battery. You can plug it into the RV’s 12-volt lighter socket and then make sure the panel is in the direct sunlight so that you can get the most power possible. This is ideal if you would like to make sure your battery is charged and perfect throughout the whole trip. If you experience some battery difficulties and need to charge the battery quite quickly, you can also connect the charger by using battery clamps.

Both of these ways work very well and will always make sure that you have enough juice in your battery to continue with your trip. Here’s to hopefully never having battery problems in your RV ever again!

The best option for RV solar battery chargers

The best option for RV solar battery chargersThe best RV solar battery chargers tend to be solar powered trickle chargers. These chargers are great because they slowly help to reload the overall voltage of the battery charge without creating battery overload.

Again, these chargers only go for about $30–$60, which is such a great deal, especially when you think about how much replacing an RV battery will cost! All you need to do to get these products to work is to make sure they get the most sunlight possible to charge up. A fantastic time to do this is to just put the charger in a part of your RV that gets a lot of sun while you drive and that’s it! Other than finding a spot where sunlight is plentiful, you need to do nothing else!

The best possible solar batteries to find should be waterproof, especially if you plan on placing this charger outdoors during anytime. Thankfully, for the most part, all solar battery chargers do come with this added protection. Even a lot of solar battery cell phone chargers are waterproof now, which is super helpful.

You should also make sure the materials your new solar battery charger is made out of are as high-quality as possible. A durable and sturdy aluminum frame is ideal, as this helps keep the battery stable and high-quality. Don’t be scared off by the low prices, though. A lot of people see a $30 battery charger and think that it’s made from lower quality material. This isn’t necessarily the case. Just make sure the charger is formed with an aluminum frame (or other sturdy and durable material) and that it is waterproof and you should be good to go.

The last thing anyone needs on a long road trip is to have their RV battery fail or run out of juice.  In fact, that may just be one of the worst things someone could experience on a trip!  Thankfully, with products like RV solar battery chargers, you can keep this failure from happening – and all with a little help from the sun!

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