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Solar Panel Installers In Sacramento


If you’re in the Sacramento area, we are here for you. Let us help you in getting a better understanding of what solar power can do for your home. We’ll answer all your burning questions and share useful insights on why Sacramento is the first city to get 100% renewable energy.


What Are Solar Panels?


Solar panels generate electricity using sunlight that falls on photovoltaic cells on the front of the panel. When light hits a cell, it knocks loose electrons, and an electric current flows. These are connected together to form strings that can be used for power generation, heating water, or driving motors. The resistance generated when electricity moves through wires causes the wires to heat up. To keep the solar panels from getting too hot we add glass and aluminum in between the cells.

Reasons To Install Solar Panels

There are numerous reasons why you should install solar panels:

  1. Solar panels are more efficient now than ever before
    2. Lower electric bills, many people can save money
    3. Sacramento is the sunniest city in winter USA
    4. More jobs are created because of solar panel manufacturing
    5. Save money and help the environment at the same time


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