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Why go solar in San Bernardino? 

Everything’s brighter in San Bernardino. Including solar power. You can lower your utility bills with a smooth experience from beginning to end. You can get solar panels on your home for little to nothing upfront and start saving right away. Generate your clean energy, and save money on your power bill!

Going solar in San Bernardino is a great idea for those who are looking to save money on their energy bill and support the environment. According to solar experts, San Bernardino County receives more sunlight than other nearby counties such as Los Angeles and Orange County. This is because of the inland valley location, but also the proximity of the San Bernardino mountains that are subject to high winds. Putting a solar panel in San Bernardino can generate upwards of 25 percent more energy than an average installation elsewhere.

What are some solar installation options in San Bernardino?

 Ground Mount

The Inland Empire 66ers minor-league baseball team also takes the field at San Manuel Stadium, giving you even more reasons to come here.Introduction Ground mounts provide a cost-effective way to take potential electricity off your property and export it back to the grid. In fact, ground mounts are often the best option in neighborhoods where homeowners have plenty of property but limited roof space or poor roof orientation.

A grid-tied solar power system costs approximately $15,000 for 7 kW of installed capacity. This is a very basic system and does not include items such as storage batteries or PV shingles. The cost of a grid-tied solar power system can vary greatly based on each consumer’s specific needs. A system will be designed based on the individual consumer’s requirements and average daily electrical consumption.


Solar panels are a great way to generate free, renewable electricity while saving money on your electricity bill, but they can be pricy. Roof-mounted solar panel systems can be a great option if you don’t have much of a budget since the panels make use of the space you already have available and don’t have big installation costs. There are some things you should consider before investing in a roof-mounted solar power system for your home or office.


San Bernardino Information

San Bernardino is a city located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. It is home to Cal State University and the Inland Empire 66ers minor-league baseball team also takes the field at San Manuel Stadium, giving you even more reasons to visit. You can catch a show at the Fox Theatre, or visit the McDonald’s Museum which is where the original Mcdonald’s store was made. The California Theatre and the San Manuel Amphitheater give you even more entertainment options. As far as summers go, this locale’s weather is fairly diverse, whereas winter tends to be somewhat warm, summer arrives dripping with heat. The hot-summer Mediterranean climate ensures hot, dry weather throughout the seasonal period.



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