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Solar Panel Installers In San Francisco


Solar panels are a common sight in San Francisco. The sunshine here is ideal for solar panel installations. Electricity bills are high, making solar good for the wallet as well as the conscience. Many residents in San Francisco are choosing to go green with solar panels being the most popular alternative energy option. Many people in the San Francisco Bay Area are making the choice to go green. We’re becoming more sensitive to the environment, and are choosing healthier and renewable ways of living. Going solar is one way that we can have a huge impact on saving our planet, especially now that we can go solar without any government subsidies. The cost of installing solar panels has dropped dramatically over the years, which makes them practical for installation at home.



How many batteries does my San Francisco home need?


For most households, one solar battery is sufficient to power your most important appliances. A backup battery from Brightbox stores sunlight during the day so you can continue to back up your home until utility power is restored. When the sun is shining, solar panels charge your battery during the day, so you have electricity at night or during a blackout. So you can cut down your electricity bill by up to 50%.


Do you get tax exemptions with solar installation in San Francisco?


The installation of a solar panel system has the potential to add up to $20 thousand dollars of increased property value to the average home in San Francisco. Easily offset by 100% property tax exemption in San Francisco. Property owners typically are exempt from paying San Francisco sales tax on solar panel systems only if the system is owned by someone other than the homeowner.




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