Project Development Services

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For a number of years Pelamis Wave Power has offered our in-house project development expertise and capabilities to clients and interested parties around the world.

These services cover a wide range of tasks from early stage site identification and feasibility studies through to detailed management of project Environmental Impact Assessments and in depth resource characterisation and yield assessments.

Feasibility Studies

At the beginning of the project or site development cycle, Pelamis can undertake project specific feasibility studies including an overview of the project, introduction to Pelamis technology, outline of supply and infrastructure requirements, project development requirements and steps, review of location specific market opportunities and understanding of cost of energy profiles.

Site Investigation & Selection

Site selection activities focus on identifying preferred areas for further, detailed project development. This is completed utilising the weighting of assessment criteria such as: available resource, onshore grid network, bathymetric data, local support infrastructure and capabilities, environmental constraints and available baseline ecology data.

Resource Assessment

Characterisation of wave energy at project sites and within regions is essential to understanding the viability, or likely cost of energy, from wave energy projects. Pelamis Wave Power has developed unique expertise in the area of both resource characterisation and Pelamis yield assessments. Coupled with propriety tools and software this information can provide unrivalled assessments and confidence on projections.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]

Front End Engineering Design

During the project development cycle Pelamis Wave Power’s engineering capabilities are required to develop detailed design solutions for individual projects, and are also capable of providing assistance and support in a number of other project engineering areas in order to allow detailed EIA and consenting work to be completed, as well as defining scopes of supply for the construction tendering of the project. These engineering design works include, but aren’t limited, to the following main areas:

  • Mooring system design and wave farm component layouts.
  • Inter-machine flexible cabling design.
  • Navigational marking of project and machines.
  • Static export cable specification and routing to shore landing site.
  • Identification of cable landing sites and designs for onshore substation.
  • Electrical and communication equipment and infrastructure to support project operation and control.
  • Machine supply logistics.
  • Offshore construction programme.
  • Maintenance facility development.

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Environmental Impact Assessment and Project Consenting

Pelamis Wave Power have detailed knowledge of the project consenting process within Scotland and the wider UK, especially around the EIA requirements and areas of potential impact associated with Pelamis wave farms. Pelamis are capable of providing detailed support and input into EIA work for Pelamis projects as well as managing overall EIA strategies and work programmes.

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