Solar powered systems are not an entirely new development. Since the early ages of science, researchers and scientists have continuously worked towards harnessing the rays emitted by the sun. And over the years as man evolved, so did the systems and tools he built.

Today, the adoption of solar systems in the country is at an all-time high. From small companies to multinational corporations to residential homes, solar systems are being accepted as a convenient and more affordable means of providing electricity.

This is as a result of the major technological improvements that occurred within the photovoltaic and lithium-ion industries. These innovations are responsible for longer performing, cheaper, and more efficient batteries.

According to information released by SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association), the solar industry has experienced a major boost in public popularity since the 1970s. This is major as a result of the constant decline in the price of solar panels and systems across the country. At the moment, over 250,000 Americans are said to be working in the solar industry, making it one of the largest tech inclined industry in the country.

A report published by Bloomberg stated that the cost of solar energy in 2018 is a meager 0.66% of what it was in the 1970s. That reduction can also be described as a 1/150th of the total cost over a 40 years-time range.

Today, solar panels can be seen on virtually every street across the country leading several people to describe the movement as a solar renaissance. And as the price of fossil fuels continues to increase, the price of solar is expected to fall drastically in comparison to fossil fuels, leading many to believe the renaissance is only beginning.

There are currently hundreds of US-based solar companies offering various services from solar panel sales to installation to simply working on research aimed at bettering the technology. And as the renaissance continues, more companies are expected to troop into the market creating a competition for the title of America’s solar champion.

This competition usually means multiple adverts in your face all the time,and it could make it a bit difficult to know what companies are worth your time and what companies aren’t. This article is going to help you sift through the noise and gain clarity on the best solar contractors nationwide.

1. Solar City Corporation

Founded by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk as a side activity in 2006. The California based company has enjoyed a swift and unprecedented rise to become not only a country leader but a world leader in the sale of solar panels to homes and offices.

Built upon the same technologies that power Elon’s prominent company Tesla, Solar City brought radical innovation to an industry that was left for dead. This innovation is a result of the millions of dollars that is plowed into a full end-to-end range of services from R&D to installation processes.

Solar City is rated number one on our list because they have consistently broken every limitation set in the solar industry and they do not seem to be resting on their oars. Their team is responsible for a large number of momentous discoveries in the solar energy space.

Some of the products released by the company include solar chargers used for electric vehicles (not only Tesla cars), solar roofs that look like regular rooftop materials but are actually invisible to the human eye and high performing Li-Ion batteries referred to as Power walls.

2. VivintSolar

With operations in 16 states, VivintSolar is the third largest solar contractor in the country. A great thing about the company is its wide range of services that greatly exceed just solar panel installations. The company also offers backup battery storage which is more like a warranty system to protect your investment.

VivintSolar features on our list because of the attention to detail it offers its customers during the solar installation process. Prospective customers are treated to a workshop where they learn about solar, its pros and cons and so on. Vivint’s solar panels also come with a 25-year warranty.

3. Sunnova

Although Sunnova does not handle solar panel installations themselves, they work with a select list of partners to ensure that your house does not go off the grid completely. Their systems help reduce traditional power dependency which leads to lower power bills.

Sunnova is one of the best solar companies in the country because of the wide support they offer. They currently provide their services to 17 states, coming ahead of Vivint but paling in comparison to DividendSolar. They also provide various payment plans ensuring every one of their customers finds a package that best suits them.

4. mySunRun

Also referred to as SunRun, this company stakes a claim to be one of the best thanks to the wide variety of services it offers. At the moment, they provide roof and workmanship warranties upon every installation they do, and they also have multiple payments plans customers can choose from making it easy to find the right panel for your needs.

Currently, SunRun offers their services in only 17 states in the country. Their installation process is also as extensive as VivintSolar as they take over the entirety of the installation process from creating a design for you to approve to filing the necessary permits to the government on your behalf.

my Sunrun’s solar systems can also be monitored through their mobile application or by logging into their website.

5. DividendSolar

DividendSolar offers the widest support coverage on our list supporting 23 states within the country. A key and important difference between the company and its competition is the fact that it simply finances your plan to have a solar system installed in your home.

DividendSolar simply makes the payment and warranty available but leaves the installation of the panels and the system to one of its numerous partners. This means that unlike the majority of the other companies on this list, DividendSolar’s payment plan is limited to just this, the Empower Loan.

DividendSolar is one of the best solar contractors in the country because of its wide coverage. They expand faster than the nearest competition,and their loan has decent interest and repayment rates.

Solar systems are no fad. As the prices of conventional electricity continue to increase and research poured into solar systems continue to produce favorable, positive results, it is only a matter of time before the system completely replaces the incumbent fossil system.