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Solar Edge: The Brand And Its Products

SolarEdge Technologies is a global leader in smart energy technology — offering solutions for solar power and robotic welding, created with the sole purpose of eliminating technical barriers in these markets, thus providing clean solutions to our customers.

There’s no way around it — energy is a huge part of everyone’s day-to-day, whether it’s using the lights or kicking up the heat. And when we talk about energy in regards to our lives, we’re also talking about where that energy comes from and how it’s produced. Solar Edge wants to help consumers take more control over their energy use by providing personalized energy efficiency tips and services based on your needs and budget, as well as tools to help reduce your carbon footprint in your home.

Solar Edge: About & Story

SolarEdge, established in 2006, developed DC-optimized inverters that maximize power generation and lower the cost of energy produced by PV systems.

With operations in the US and abroad, SolarEdge is growing rapidly. The company’s financial strength and stability, combined with its cutting-edge technology, make SolarEdge the preferred partner for industry-leading installers, integrators, and other energy market participants.

SolarEdge serves a range of energy market segments, including residential PV, commercial PV, large-scale PV, energy storage and backup solutions for solar and non-solar applications, EV charging stations, home energy management systems, grid services and virtual power plants, batteries, and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) solutions.

With nearly 3,200 employees in 25 office locations and 10 countries around the world, Solar Edge is eager to show you just how far we will go to help your business grow.

Since 2010, Solar Edge has delivered over two million inverters and over fifty million power optimizers. Their monitoring platform continuously tracks over one and a half million installations across the globe.

They are the world leader in personal solar and energy storage systems. Solar Edge has installed, sold, and serviced our products in over 130 countries on five continents.

The SolarEdge Experience combines state-of-the-art technology, superior quality, and innovative design. their full line of power optimizers and inverters for solar systems delivers the ultimate in performance. Solar Edge assures you that you can be confident that your home’s energy systems run at peak efficiency with SolarEdge.


Solar Edge: Services

With centralized power generation and distribution, solar only generates electricity when the sun is shining. But with SolarEdge’s innovative technology, homeowners can maximize the value of their solar investment by deploying a virtual power plant. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about SolarEdge’s grid services solution and learn how you can generate ROI that goes beyond your expectations.

If you manage a large apartment complex, you know it can be a challenge to provide tenants with reliable and consistent electricity. Energy companies in your area are working together to combat shortages with virtual power plants. Solar Edge has been helping local businesses just like yours for years. Why not take advantage of this free service and start enjoying cheaper and more reliable power today!

Utilities suffer from energy price peaks. Inventive customers are more than willing to volunteer their own on-site resources (such as distributed generation and interruptible loads) to help manage these [hourly energy price] peaks for everyone’s benefit. Join us to smooth out those peaks and save money for both you and your neighbors!

Because conventional systems are designed for maximum flexibility and ease of installation, they are inherently less efficient.

Solar Edge’s intelligent demand response inverters solve this problem. By intelligently controlling grid voltage and frequency, we add efficiency and increase plant revenue. They have developed a new family of power conversion products based on Predictive Systems’ predictive intelligence to help make this happen. Solar Edge’s PV/battery/manual load switching inverters can instantly and automatically modify generation or consumption, helping network operators to stabilize grid frequency and voltage. They can also add revenues by mitigating losses, which helps operators


Solar Edge: FAQS

Is SolarEdge monitoring real-time?

 SolarEdge’s monitoring platform enables precise, continuous, real-time monitoring of each PV module separately – resulting in a more accurate PV installation. SolarEdge eliminates this issue by allowing each module to perform to the best of its ability at all times.

Are SolarEdge inverters any good?

SolarEdge inverters provide the best technology available for residential and commercial solar installations. They are more efficient than other string inverters because they avoid loss of power caused by individual panel shading or malfunctioning. This unit also provides valuable insight into the health of our solar units so we can decide what needs to be repaired and replaced fast.

Is SolarEdge monitoring free?

The Monitoring platform provides enterprise-level monitoring for 25 years.

Solar Edge: The Final Thoughts

Through greater connectivity and intelligence, SolarEdge seeks to fundamentally change the way in which energy is generated, managed, and consumed. And we won’t stop until their mission to build a smarter world is a reality.

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