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Are you looking for a way to decorate the exterior of your home for the holidays, but nothing seems to work? Do you want to use lights in your outdoor Christmas display, but you’re concerned about wasting too much energy or boosting your electric bill during an already expensive time of year? Do you lack the ability to light your home the traditional way on its exterior because of a lack of outlets?

Solar outdoor Christmas lights can help.

Solar lights, such as LED string lights, soak up the sunlight throughout the day and use that power at night to light up. Most people are familiar with patio or yard lighting that is solar. You can find the solar ground lights that stake into the ground and light paths and patios at just about every store that sells yard and garden equipment.

This type of lighting, as well as a wide variety of other decorative solar options, are all available for the holidays, too. You can enjoy the same lighted outdoor displays you see with traditional electricity as you can with solar options.

What’s more, there are actually even more options if you choose solar.

Benefits of Using Solar for Decorative Lighting

Solar lighting comes with a bundle of benefits.

It’s easy to use and inexpensive. While you might not be ready to leap into switching your home to be completely solar powered, using solar energy in your outdoor lighting is very simple. There’s no need to convert anything or store any energy. You just leave the lights outside all day, which you would with all holiday lighting, to soak up the sun and at night they illuminate.

Solar lighting is cheaper than traditional holiday lighting because all you are paying for is your initial investment. Even if you invest in high-quality expensive solar holiday lighting, you’re still only paying for it one time. If you purchase traditional holiday outdoor lighting, you pay for your initial investment in the product and then you pay every time you use energy to light things up.

Holiday solar lighting also allows you to “set it and forget it.” There’s no need to plug in your lights at night or put them on a timer or set them to turn on and off. When the sun sets, they light up and when the sun rises, they are “off” and taking in more energy. Your house will light up for the holidays with little to no effort from you once the lights are in place.

Perhaps the best part of using solar outdoor lights for Christmas is the vast array of options you have for lighting your home. There are so many creative and fun ways to bring solar energy into your outdoor holiday display.

Some of the Best Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas

Traditional Christmas Lighting

Traditional Christmas Lighting

If you love the look of traditional holiday lights—either white or colored—strung along your home, you’re in luck. You can achieve this traditional look with solar lights the same as you can traditional electrical lights. Strings of lights look great along your home’s roof, the windows, the porch, and other areas that you want to highlight.

Accenting Fencing or Features of Your Home with Solar Lights

In addition to stringing lights along your home, you can also add lights to fences or other features of your home’s exterior. Some people love to wrap their porch banisters or columns in lights while others string the lights along a fence on their property. The great thing about solar Christmas lights is that you don’t need to worry about reaching an outlet.

Turning a Traditional Solar Garden Light into a North Pole Post

Have you seen the garden stake lights at local hardware and outdoor stores that use solar energy? People use these to light pathways or highlight features of their home’s landscaping. These lights are also great to make a fun decorative light project that looks like light from Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. Paint the light red with white candy cane stripes and add a touch of fake snow. You can even add a tiny “Welcome to the North Pole” sign if you want to really jazz things up. This small accent piece looks great on a porch or steps leading to the entryway of your home.

Make the Trees Sparkle with Solar Lighting

Do you love the look of lit trees around the holidays? String solar light strings into the branches of your trees and bring them to life after dark. Again, the benefit of using solar is that you don’t need to worry about reaching an outlet, so you can decorate every tree on your property no matter how far it might be from the main part of your home.

Create a Solar Light Wreath

People love putting wreaths on their doors and other entry areas of their home, but it can be tough to see them after the sun sets. Solar lighting on wreaths means your decoration will be visible no matter the time of day. You can even make a wreath that appears to be made completely of lights by wrapping several strands of solar lights into a grapevine wreath.

Color-Changing Solar Patio Lights

Do you have solar patio or porch lights up throughout the year? Now is a great time to swap out the traditional white lights for Christmas colors. You can stake solar lights into the ground or swap out porch or patio light bulbs in red in green. There are even options that allow for color-changing, so the lights can switch from red to green automatically.

Solar Garden Lights

Do you want your entire yard to be gussied up for the holiday season? If so, you aren’t alone. A lot of people put effort into creating full-blown holiday scenes in their yard, but as soon as the sun goes down things are no longer visible. Solar garden lights allow you to spotlight the fun look of your yard without costing you a fortune in lighting. There is an endless variety of solar garden lights available for Christmas so you can find the exact style that suits your home’s décor.