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Solar outdoor lighting products have been increasing in popularity in recent years and the trend toward solar is expected to continue throughout 2019. Utilizing solar energy for outdoor wall light fixtures and sconces is one of the best ways to illuminate the exterior of your home. Solar powered light fixtures are not only great for keeping your property safe, but they also can be used to highlight landscaping and features of your home.

Unfortunately, outdoor light fixtures such as flood lights and security lights, outdoor lamps, and exterior light fixtures with ceiling fans are sometimes neglected. People invest time and money into fixing up their exterior, buying stylish outdoor furniture, and creating a fantastic landscape, but then they neglect to light the space.

Whether it’s a matter of expense, you just don’t think it’s practical to light a larger space, or you’ve simply forgotten to add lighting to your home’s exterior, solar outdoor wall lights and sconces can be just the thing you’re in need of.

What Are the Benefits of Using Solar Outdoor Lighting and Sconces?

Solar lighting is relatively inexpensive. It can spotlight areas of your home or be used as a security device with relatively little effort.


It’s also great for when you’re entertaining and you want to bring more lighting into an area for socializing. This keeps unfamiliar outdoor spaces easy to navigate and puts everyone at ease so they’re able to focus on their time together.


Wall lighting and sconces tend to be bright enough that you don’t need to worry about the exterior of your home being too dark. When you don’t properly light the exterior of your home, your home becomes a target for criminals. Burglars are less likely to try to break into a home that is adequately lit than one that is dark.

Value of Your Home

Value of Your Home

Whether you are planning to list your home for sale any time soon or you want to live in it forever, solar outdoor lighting increases your home’s curb appeal and its value. Adding solar outdoor lights gives you a big bang for your buck. These lights don’t cost very much, but they make your home extremely attractive.

In addition to potential home buyers loving the look of the light itself, they’ll also be pleased with the way the lighting highlights certain features of the home. You can take an average home and turn it into something magnificent by properly installing lighting that illuminates throughout the night.

Adding solar lighting to your home’s exterior is not only an inexpensive upgrade, but it’s also one that’s easy to do on your own. A lot of home improvement projects that boost your home’s value require an investment in contractors and force you to deal with long-term construction projects. You can upgrade your home’s exterior in one day on your own by adding solar outdoor wall lights or sconces quickly and easily. And,as these lights are solar-powered, you don’t even need to hire an electrician.

There are numerous styles of solar wall lights and sconces available so you can find exactly what you need. It’s important to match the style of light to your home’s style, be it contemporary, country, colonial, modern, or any other style. You want the lights to fit seamlessly into the style of your home and add to the exterior instead of detracting from it.This way you’ll improve the curb appeal and have a functional, stylish addition you’ll love.

It’s possible to find affordables options for any home that complement the look of your home and make your home’s exterior more attractive.

What are the best solar wall lights and sconces available today?

Our Picks for the 50 Best Solar Outdoor Wall Lights and Sconces

  1. LUTEC 1-Light Black Motion Activated Outdoor Solar LED Wall Mount Sconce
  2. Green Lighting Stainless Steel Solar-Powered Integrated LED Wall Mount Sconce Light
  3. Portfolio 7-in H Matte Black Dark Sky Outdoor Wall Light
  4. Portfolio Litshire 15.62-in H Oil-Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Wall Light
  5. Cascadia Lighting Chateau 16-in H Royal Bronze Outdoor Wall Sconce
  6. Whitfield Lighting Emily 12-in H Oil-Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Wall Light
  7. Altair LED Wall Light
  8. Chelsea Outdoor Wall Light
  9. Emerson Up/Down LED Wall Light
  10. Acclaim Lighting Builders Choice 16-in H Matte Black Outdoor
  11. Havit Matte Black Up/Down Wall Pillar Spotlight
  12. Zen Wall Light by LED Outdoor
  13. ASTERIA Modern LED Up and Down Aluminium Exterior Wall Light
  14. See You Ceiling/Wall Lamp
  15. Whitfield Lighting Jordan 8.25-in H Oil-Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Light
  16. Brenton Square Exterior Wall Light LED
  17. ASTRO Modern LED Up and Down Aluminium Exterior Wall Light
  18. Dubrovnik II Downward Facing Exterior Wall Bracket in Black
  19. Gama Sonic Barn Solar Brown Outdoor Integrated LED Wall Light with Motion Sensor
  20. Chelsea Outdoor Wall Light Picco
  21. MX6612 Cluny LED Exterior Light
  22. Alcazar 2 Light Large Wall Bracket in Burnt Gold
  23. Alcazar 1 Light Medium Wall Bracket in Burnt Gold
  24. Bayer 2 Light Exterior Wall Bracket in Stainless Steel
  25. Aireys 1 Light Square Wall Bracket in Brushed Aluminium
  26. Cliff 1 Light Ext Wall Sconce in Stainless Steel
  27. Kichler River Path 23.0-in H Olde Bronze LED Outdoor Wall Light
  28. LED416 – LED 6W Curved Reflector Wall Washer
  29. The Devonia Collection – Wall Lantern in Aged Bronze
  30. Chelsea Small Bronze Outdoor Wall Light
  31. Benetti 2 Light Plain Square Wall Bracket in Charcoal
  32. TITUS Single Adjustable Wall Pillar Light
  33. Westmore Lighting Beauport 23.6-in H Hazelnut Bronze Wall Light
  34. Castille Exterior Wall Bracket in Black
  35. Gama Sonic Flora Solar Antique Bronze Outdoor Wall Lantern
  36. Brenton Round Exterior Wall Light LED
  37. Lampiok Wall Light
  38. Mandrid Exterior Wall Light
  39. Torque Exterior Wall Light
  40. Malvern Residence
  41. DLE Anglesea Bronze
  42. DLE Stockholm 1LT
  43. Helius Outdoor LED
  44. Richie Exterior Wall Light with Sensor
  45. Ketch Yacht Outdoor Wall Light
  46. Cayman LED Exterior Light
  47. Royal Botania Dome Outdoor Wall Light
  48. II Finale Lighting
  49. Gama Sonic Triple Tier 9-Light White Outdoor Integrated LED Solar Wall Mount Lantern
  50.  Lampiok Wall Light