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Solar energy enthusiasts love to talk about how their penchant for renewable energy is helping save the environment. While this is true, most solar power connoisseurs understate the impact that solar solutions can have on their energy costs. In most cases, whether looking to heat your home or crank up that air conditioner, adopting solar power in your home offers so much energy efficiency that it can slash your energy bills in half!

In areas of the United States where residential electricity is expensive—such as in Alaska, Hawaii, California, and New York—the demand for solar energy is the highest. This is because the more you adopt solar energy, the more you save energy costs on your monthly bills. Not a bad deal, is that?

Are you interested in finding out how solar solutions can cut your energy bill in half or possibly even more? Read on as our experts break down the benefits of solar energy when it comes to saving on your monthly utilities. By leveraging these key benefits of solar power, you can create a wealthier and more sustainable home for you and your family.

Ask About Tax Credits

Many local, state-level and federal governments offer attractive financial incentives to those looking to adopt solar energy in their homes. In most cases, these benefits come in the form of tax credits. By taking advantage of these tax credits, you might not save on your energy bill immediately, but you will certainly save big when it comes time to pay Uncle Sam.

If you live in the United States, there are available federal tax credits, administered by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), for those adopting solar photovoltaic and solar water heat technologies. These credits allow taxpayers to claim up to 30% of their expenditures on solar-electric systems in their home.

Usually, tax incentives will vary according to where you live. Depending on how high the “solar rating” of your region, state, or province is, you might be offered more compelling incentives to adopt solar systems. In the US, you can check your local solar rating by visiting the DSIRE Database here.

Upgrade Your Windows

Thanks to incredible technological innovations in solar glass, you can now install windows in your home that generate power for your house. By outfitting your house with a SolarWindow from Solar Window Technologies, Inc. you can produce more renewable energy per square inch than you would with a regular solar panel.

Best of all, solar windows pay for themselves. Whereas rooftop solar panel systems often take up to a decade to pay for their initial cost, solar windows achieve payback within only one year. This makes solar windows highly affordable, and one of the most cost-effective solutions for slashing your monthly energy bill.

Build a Sunroom

Every year more sunrooms are being installed in houses around the world. Sunrooms are add-on rooms that are constructed around the exterior of a house. They feature sunny skylight windows in place of a traditional roof, which are lined with photovoltaic (PV) cell solar panels.

Sunrooms are a fantastic option if you want to generate solar electricity for your house without installing a solar system on your rooftop. Instead, low-profile solar panels will only be visible on top of your sunroom. For those who are not a fan of the visual appearance of solar panels, sunrooms are an attractive alternative.

Use Solar Tubes Instead of Bulbs

Lately, tubular solar-powered lights have gained in popularity. This is because regular skylights simply do not measure up in terms of cost-effectiveness and overall energy efficiency. Plus, when you tack on the additional 30% federal income tax rebate for US citizens, there is hardly any reason not to opt for solar tubes over light bulbs.

One of the premier solar tube lighting services is provided by Solatude Daylighting Systems. These lighting systems capture sunlight from your home’s rooftop and then run the generated electrical current through a reflective tube. The tube then uses a diffuser to light up your living space without wasting a dime’s worth of electricity.

Install a Rooftop Panel System

Regular rooftop PV solar systems are still surging in popularity. In fact, every year more homeowners in Europe and North America are deciding to make the switch to solar energy. By installing solar modules on your rooftop, you can reduce your home’s reliance on the local electrical grid. As a result, you end up saving big on your energy bill every month.

While it still costs several thousand dollars to install a full-sized solar PV system, this investment is easily justifiable when considered in the long-term. For example, an $11,000 rooftop solar system in a sunny state, such as Arizona or Texas, will pay for itself through monthly savings in less than a decade. Once the panel system pays for itself, the rest is free energy for your house!

Household solar panels typically range from 100 to 350 W in DC power output. The latest solar panel models have an excellent efficiency rating of up to 25%. As the technology continues to improve, you can expect to receive more savings on your energy bill in the future too.

Invest in a Powerwall

Invented by Tesla, Inc. in 2015, the Powerwall (or “Powerpack”) is a massive rechargeable battery that stores energy for household consumption. The Powerwall is specially designed to store electricity generated by the solar equipment. Although it was originally intended for commercial use, it was since gained popularity as a household device.

The Tesla Powerwall will allow homeowners with an installed solar system to benefit more from their renewable energy production. Not only will they be able to use energy from the sun to power their homes during peak hours, but they will also have a large storage capacity to build-up reserve energy during cloudy days or dark nights.

In 2016, the Powerwall 2 debuted at a cost of $5,900 USD, and a capacity of 13.5kWh. The new technology in the Powerwall 2 dropped the cost of energy stored from $469 per kWh to $407 per kWh. They are also smaller in size, which makes shipping costs cheaper too. By investing in the new and improved Powerwall 2, you can save even more every month on your energy bill.