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SunRun: The Brand And Its Products

Going solar is exciting. It can also be confusing. SunRun can help you clarify the process and get to know the important details. From cost breakdowns to understanding the technology, you’ll have a clear picture of what’s going on with your project. They are committed to ensuring that your decision, installation and beyond are easy and everything that it should be.

SunRun: About & Story

Installing solar power for your home is more affordable than ever and it’s easy. -Read reviews from people like you, who have seen firsthand how affordable solar really is. -Take a tour of the solar ecosystem and learn why going solar has never been easier, faster, or more trustworthy than with Sunrun. -Schedule a call to speak with one of their Customer Experience Experts.

Sunrun is a national leader in rooftop solar and community-based energy services. The company built the nation’s largest residential solar service platform, which supports more than 200,000 customers nationwide. Sunrun leads a full technology suite that includes home installation, energy storage, site design, and mapping, monitoring 360-degree security camera solutions, smart thermostat solutions, and home maintenance services.

Find state-specific information and resources about solar power. See Sunrun’s community map and development pipeline to see where we are, the communities we serve, and what communities they are working on getting to soon.

Co-Founder and CEO, Sunrun Lynn spearheaded the national rollout of home solar-as-a-service and innovations like the PowerPortal, a digital energy platform. She has more than 15 years of experience commercializing emerging technologies with 11 years at Mohr Davidow Ventures. Prior to Sunrun she co-founded and developed new businesses for technology companies including Voice Systems Ltd, 3Power & Light (acquired by Qualcomm), and NuVox Communications.

No matter where you live, Sunrun can change how you power your home. They have been providing smart home solar and storage to homeowners across the country since 2007, and today we employ over 1,000 people nationwide.


SunRun: Services

You might like the idea of solar power, but you just don’t know how to go about it.

SunRun can help you save money and live a more environmentally friendly life.

When the system is installed, you get a 10-year warranty (on the system), 25-year warranty (on the battery) and Since SunRun customers don’t own their solar panels and equipment, we offer no-cost solar for life! If that sounds good to you, then take the next step by getting your online solar calculator!

No one wants to think about backup power. SunRun’s Brightbox works for you in the background, keeping your family safe and shedding electricity bills.

Fully installed, Brightbox will pay for itself within 10 years — producing over $60,000 in revenue for the homeowner. Sign up today to find out how much Sunrun can save you in the long term.

You want to figure out how much solar will benefit your house/business, but it seems complicated. SunRun;s Product Selector makes it easy to understand the return on your investment and what you’ll save each month with Sunrun’s various financing options.

Get an answer it in less than 3 minutes!

Operational efficiency is imperative to ensure that your home builds remain profitable. SunRun’s project coordinator and tracking software will eliminate the frustrating delays and missed opportunities that come with working in different offices. Sign up today for a free account, and their team will help you get off the ground quickly.


SunRun: FAQS

 Does SunRun put a lien on your house?

Sunrun has no liens on the property. A Notice of Independent Energy Producer Contract (NOIEPC) is recorded in favor of Sunrun. This is a Notice of UCC Filing that ensures Sunrun’s lien and mortgage rights are properly disclosed on the public records.

Can you negotiate with SunRun?

Don’t be afraid to ask a solar contractor for the best price. While every installation is unique, most solar contractors can offer some wiggle room on their quote. If you’ve received quotes from multiple installers, make sure to carefully compare the pricing between each of them. If you have a bid that’s substantially lower than the others, there’s a good chance that the installer will be willing to meet your price.

How do I get out of a Sunrun contract?

Leasing with a third-party-owned provider has the advantage of no penalties if you cancel during a certain time frame. This time frame will vary with each company but is typically around 30 days after signing the contract.

SunRun: The Final Thoughts

By investing in rooftop solar, many homeowners are already saving money and it will save you money too. At Sunrun, they are there to partner with home builders across the country to bring this innovation to more new homeowners.

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