Tesla Solar Roof

If you’ve been thinking about turning to off-grid energy then you really need to see what is coming up in the world of solar energy.  Perhaps the idea of several solar panels across your roof has been putting you off in terms of aesthetics or you’re hoping to find something that is truly outstanding before you take the plunge.  If so, then you’ll be happy to know that Tesla has joined the solar energy movement with an innovation that will help you keep your home looking sleek while saving you money!

Tesla Solar Roof – Not Everyone Likes the Look of Solar Panels

Yes, we did just say that there will be a Tesla Solar Roof.  This innovation comes at a time when many people are strongly considering moving to solar, but really dislike the image of solar panels on their rooftops.  Another heavy concern has been the need to remove the panels if roof damage occurs.  With the new Tesla roof, there would be no panels to remove, taking away the extra maintenance.

While Tesla is certainly not the first to come up with this idea, they have taken the design to a new level.  In the well-known style of this outstanding company, they’ve taken an idea that has great merit and created a product that people are definitely looking forward to.  That is not to say that it will be ideal for every home, but it certainly gives everyone something to study while Tesla works out the manufacturing dates.

Tesla Roof – Other Cool Features

While there are other solar roof manufacturers out there, Tesla has created a solar roof that acts as the roof itself, rather than being an integrated part of an existing roof.  Although there is no definitive date set for production as yet, people are already signing up for a waiting list.  The impact of this technology is quite large and it is natural that people want to be a part of the process early on.

In addition to be integrated into the roof, there are style options that could actually improve the look of your home.  For example, they have a style available that looks much like the lovely clay tiles used on many Tuscan homes, as well as a style that mimics slate perfectly.  While this may seem like a small thing in the overall view, it makes quite a difference if you are looking to sell your home later on.

Solar Roof Tiles – Availability

As we stated, there are other manufacturers who have created solar roof tiles.  These tiles integrate into your current roof, which makes them quite attractive to those interested in switching to solar energy without having large solar panels attached to their roof.  The solar tiles serve the same purpose, taking in energy, while remaining mostly unnoticed, a feature that many homeowners would prefer.

The fact that there are a few manufacturers that have chosen to provide these roof tiles is excellent, as it means we are seeing greater availability over time.  However, it is worth noting that the cost of the roof tiles does exceed the cost of simply installing efficient panels instead.  Overall, the decision is more one of preference and budget rather than efficiency.

Tesla Solar Roof Cost

The overall cost of installing roof tiles rather than panels is notable, however, the value is actually pretty distinct.  While solar energy is certainly a benefit that many home buyers would consider, we must remember that they also consider aesthetics when purchasing their home.  As is obvious, some people simply do not like the look of solar panels attached to a rooftop.

Roof tiles help to reduce this feature and make homes more appealing in a sale, although we cannot really see why you would want to sell after making such an investment.  The roof tiles themselves would be saving you quite a bit of money in the long run, making it wise to hold onto that already beneficial home.

If There Are Other Providers, Why is Tesla Energy Better?

One of the key differences between a Tesla Solar Roof and the Roof Tiles of other manufacturers is the actual build of the tiles.  Tesla Solar Roof Tiles are built with the technology hidden within the tile.  Also, you are unable to implement these tiles into an existing roof, as the Tesla Solar Roof is exactly what its name implies, a roof with Solar capability.

This means that in order to install a Tesla Solar Roof, you must remove the existing roof.  Following this line, you would want to consider this when your roof already needs replaced, making it far more sensible.  However, if the roof of your home is still in good shape, you would likely want to consider alternative roof tiles that can simply be added to your existing tiles.

While there is debate as to which is “better”, there is no denying the fact that Tesla keeps a firm grip on their warranties and they ensure that all alterations and adjustments are done quickly and efficiently.  This has been evidenced with their electric cars already, a creation that had thousands of people participating in early orders and helping to “test” the first run of the model.  Since that time, the cars have improved to an outstanding degree and possess the quality of craftsmanship that we expect from the company.

SolarCity – History

SolarCity, one of the leading authorities on solar energy and home conversion, has a great history of quality as well.  They have chosen to become involved with manufacturers with proven records in the field, allowing them to surround themselves with excellence to match their own.  The company, located in California, has chosen to merge with Tesla, Inc. and continue to provide outstanding service to their customers through the installation, promotion, and sales of solar energy options to the public.

Solar City or SolarCity?

A lot of people get this wrong, but by now you’ve probably guessed right, that “SolarCity” is the correct spelling.  A lot of people actually search for Solar City, when they mean to search for SolarCity.

If you are considering converting your home to solar energy, you’ll certainly want to check out the Tesla Solar Roof, as well as some of the great alternatives offered by SolarCity and other manufacturers.  With solar panel prices dropping every year, it is the perfect time to get involved in being cleaner, greener, and more frugal in your energy spending.

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