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Titan Solar Power: The Brand And Its Products

Titan Solar Power, LLC is a premier solar installation company that is committed to providing world-class workmanship and customer service. Titan has been in business for over a decade and has serviced all across the United States.

Titan Solar Power: About & Story

Titan Solar Power’s team-based culture empowers our employees to support both our partners’ and dealers’ short-term.

Titan is the industry leader in solar power. They are committed to providing our customers with high-quality solar energy products and unmatched customer service. With the highest standard of integrity, trust, and honesty, they pride themselves on developing cutting-edge technologies that have proven themselves through field testing to improve our products while lowering prices for our customers.

A solar power company that is making a difference. Titan Solar Power was founded on the idea of giving our customers more. In addition to providing the best in photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems, Titan designs and installs complete battery backup systems specifically for your needs.

Titan will manage your project from start to finish: Titan is the Nation’s Top Rooftop Solar Contractor. Founded in 2010 by a team of solar industry pacesetters and experts, Titan has created an innovative solar division that delivers a guaranteed 5-Star solar experience. Their focus on quality, our passion for great customer service, and results-driven work ethic sets them apart.


Titan Solar Power: Services

Once your site is confirmed, the Titan representative visits the property to confirm measurements, setup, and adjust for variables like shade and obstructions on the roof. After site verification, a Titan Solar Design expert will review your finalized specification sheet and make adjustments to maximize performance from your new solar system. Titan approves the final design package before it’s submitted to the utility company for final interconnection.

From Site Visit To Design, Installation Can Take Between 3 To 5 Weeks. Their customers can expect a dedicated team of solar experts to guide them through the entire process. 

Since design plans are subject to local government permitting, Titan will submit an application for your permit. The application will be reviewed and approved in approximately 2–8 weeks.

Upon permit approval, Titan Solar will contact the property owner to schedule installation and provide design plans for final approval prior to beginning. Depending on system size, install time, and location, this phase takes 1 to 5 days to complete.

Once the property is inspected by the local utility company, the city and county will issue a final inspection before connecting your system to the power grid. Depending upon the time of install, the backlog of solar inspections, and availability of inspectors, the estimated time to complete this step is generally 1 to 4 weeks.

The process to go solar is mostly handled by the installer. Titan Solar Power will submit all the paperwork to connect your solar system to the grid. This usually takes one to two weeks. Titan Solar Power will then work with you to schedule the installation of net metering. While waiting for these components, we encourage you to look into tax credits and rebates!


Titan Solar Power: FAQS


Who owns Titan Solar?

David Williamson


Are Titan Generators any Good?

Built by the largest solar panel manufacturer in the United States, the Titan Solar Generator is a self-contained, portable solar power system capable of supplying up to 3,000 watts of continuous solar power. The Titan is perfect for many applications, including emergency back-up or off-grid power, construction sites, live music shows, disaster relief efforts, and more.


How long has Titan Solar been in business?

Titan was started in March 2013 by David Williamson, his wife Heather, and co-founder Kyle Beddome. Titan’s headquarters are located in San Diego, and they also have offices in Seattle, WA, and Pittsburg, PA.

Titan Solar Power: The Final Thoughts

Titan Solar Power is a trusted solar installation company. Our expertise and experience in this arena ensure that you will be satisfied with the results.

Titan Custom Solar Power will get you off the grid and on to the next generation of energy usage.

They strive to deliver reliable solar solutions at competitive prices while exceeding your expectations with outstanding customer service.

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